Chapter 221

“Now, let’s see what these new powers can do!” Andie took a deep breath and let her thoughts flow through her. The brilliant orange, ectoplasmic ears and tail of a Siberian Husky sprouted from her, as the words that would unlock her new ability took shape in her mind. “Fly unfettered, my Confidence!
It felt as though Andie’s weight slipped out of her along with the words she’d spoken. Like she was floating, walking on air – as if gravity had abandoned her. Honestly, she felt a little unsteady. Still, every awakening before hers had given something not just useful, but incredibly powerful. There had to be something more to this.
With just a gentle hop, Andie launched herself at least a dozen stories up into the air. It looked like she’d be up there for a while, too, since gravity was no longer in a hurry to drag her back down. Inconvenient. She gave a few quick punches, swinging at the empty air. As expected, she couldn’t feel any weight behind them. This was starting to look like a downgrade.
Ah well, Andie could always turn the new power off – at least she hoped she could. Maybe she was just using it wrong? Well… even if this was all it had to offer, it could still come in handy for scouting. The extra height could really help once she started looking for… her Nightmare. Speak of the devil. There the little ratty beast was. Just sitting and staring at her. No, not at her.
Andie turned to look behind her, and saw a pair of massive mechanical legs. Her gaze slowly wandered up, until it locked onto the eyes of her Dream, which was staring down at her with a cold – almost disappointed – glare.


A note from the author:

A Dream’s job is to protect the mindscape from anything that would do it harm.

But who defines what it means to harm a mindscape?

An overzealous Dream can sometimes be worse than a Nightmare.

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