Chapter 2

Pandora sighed, her eyes glazing over as the teacher rambled on about things she already knew. Normally, she would alleviate her boredom by observing the behavior of her classmates, but today the only ones in class were a few of the more boring students and Lewis.
Pandora felt a scowl form on her face, ah, Lewis. She didn’t actually hate Lewis himself, but there was just something about him. Something that just didn’t make sense. The man was an enigma wrapped up in a mystery and decorated with a bow made of the unknown. Pandora had mostly pinned down the personality and history of everyone she’d ever met by quietly observing them for a week. Everyone except Lewis. He was so skittish that it was downright absurd. He panicked whenever someone brought up his personal life and had a nervous breakdown whenever the local tin-hatter rambled about aliens hiding among us. Furthermore, when panicked, he’d speak with some of the strangest grammar she’d ever heard. In what language did “angry huge woof-woof, footsteps-footsteps, footsteps-footsteps” make any sense at all?
Pandora slammed her fist into her desk, making the rest of the class jolt. Enough was enough. She had been left wondering about what secrets Lewis could be hiding for her whole first month of college! If she really wanted to be a great reporter like Helen Thomas and Jim Lehrer, she’d have to dig deeper. She would figure out what was going on, no matter what…


A note from the author ninja:

I want to deeply apologize for how terrible this chapter is. It’s short and sour. I have no excuse.

So, as a way to make it up to you guys, and to encourage you to stick with me, I offer you the promise to never let this happen again, and a picture. Just for those of you who want to know what gremlins look like.


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