Chapter 213

Cedric held on tight to his drone. This was probably the fastest he’d ever flown on this thing, and the position required to stay mostly upright on his drone at high speeds was as awkward as it was undignified. Fortunately, Cedric was currently invisible, and even if he wasn’t, the only witnesses would be Andie’s Dream and Nightmare – and frankly, Cedric wasn’t going to be losing any sleep worrying about whether or not psychophysical constructs thought he was “cool”.
Cedric was starting to get a feel for how the Nightmare was moving. He was one step ahead of it now – mentally, not physically. Not yet. He commanded a few invisible drones to fly ahead and cut the Nightmare off, setting them up to almost corner the creature.
One, two, three drones in position. Three, two, one, now! The drones dropped their invisibility and began charging a blast of healing energy while the Nightmare was mid-leap, startling the beast and causing it to grab a floating billboard in a desperate scrabble to divert its course. This bought enough time for Andie’s Dream to chop the damn thing in half, and for Cedric to leap into the wound. He closed his eyes and focused on his desire to break into the Nightmare’s core, its “heart.” When he opened his eyes he was on the other side of the Nightmare.
Literally, unfortunately. It seems all he’d managed to do by flinging himself at a bisected Nightmare was get splattered with sticky black goo and send himself careening dronelessly into the open skies. Not as mortally perilous a situation as one might expect, but he still needed to get into Andie’s… Nightmare?
Cedric’s eyes flicked towards his friend’s Dream, which was readying another swipe of its blade with brutal glee. A thought occurred to him, a thought that led to an idea. A plan. A stupid, reckless, Hail Mary of a plan.


A note from the author:

“I’m pretty sure Cedric putting his life on the line for a hunch is one of the signs of the apocalypse, actually.”

– Andie, probably

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