Death and Grimm:

Prologue 2 (Death)

“Get back here you giant piece of soul snot!” Death dashed through the streets of Seattle, chasing after a faintly translucent blue woman at top speed. He wasn’t quite as poetic as his older brother, and this made his job a lot harder at times.

He had curly blond hair, sparkling blue eyes, and a slim but muscled figure. Like the other Reapers, he also wore a black hooded cloak with a skull mask, and carried a scythe. His scythe had a steel handle with an extra grip sprouting out the middle and an ominous red bloodstone blade.

There was however, a few major differences in appearance between Death and the other Reapers. He left his robe open and its hood down, revealing a t-shirt and jeans underneath, kept his mask pushed over to the upper right corner of his head, and slung his scythe over his shoulder. A trinity of apathy that left him looking more like an unusually charismatic cultist than an angel of death.

Unfortunately though, his easy going and physically active nature just weren’t a match for the infinite stamina of the dead, and Death needed to take a break to breathe. “Stupid ghosts… just accept… you’re dead… already…”

Thankfully, it only took a minute for Death to regain his composure. But now what? A minute was more than long enough for the woman to completely escape. Seattle was a big city and she was just one ghost, so searching would be useless. He couldn’t just go back empty handed either, Grimm would throw a fit! “Gah… Why Does everything have to be so hard!” He sighed deeply. Oh well, couldn’t do anything about it now, might as well let it go and relax.

“Death? I just passed the ghost you were supposed to be harvesting half a mile back, please explain.”

Death flinched. So much for relaxing. “Oh, he-e-ey, Grimm… Ye-e-eah… Uh… You see… There was an…Um…” Death paused before finishing. “Yeah, I’ve got nothing.”

Grimm merely stood in silence for several seconds before responding. This almost always meant it was time for a lecture. “Death, I understand that most Reapers can’t predict a death beforehand, and that this makes your duty much harder. However, you were already here when her death occurred. There is no excuse. Your lax nature continues to interfere with our work, important work that has been around for…”

Death groaned as his mind began to wander, and Grimm’s words began to fade out. There he went again, into some epic speech about the history of the Reaper clan or something, he was good at those. The number of people he’d convinced to willingly go to Hell was astounding. Death, however, just couldn’t be bothered to care. It wasn’t anything personal, he just wasn’t interested. Plus, Grimm’s rants were really long.

“…so to sum it up, the Reaper clan’s history is long and prestigious, and you should treat our work with the respect and dignity it deserves.”

“Uh-huh… Can we just go and hunt down the damned ghost now?”

“I already got her on the way here. Did you think I‘d just leave her there to wander about?”

Death sighed. Of course. “Well, if that’s all for today, then why don’t we just go file our reports and go home?”

“Actually, we do have some other business. A hellspawn was sighted in London, sector 13. It’s rank 7, and… we… have been assigned to deal with it. Get to Styx as fast as you can, I’ll meet you there.”

“Yeah, yeah.” A hellspawn, huh… He hadn’t seen one of those in a while…


A note from the author ninja:

Ah, Death. The more relaxed of the two titular brothers. Whenever I write him, his easy going attitude seems to rub off on me, and I end up feeling relaxed for the rest of the week.

Although I find I have more in common with Grimm, Death really is just so much more fun.

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    1. Every bit as great as last time!
      I really like the use of a photographed background, it creates a unique atmosphere.

      1. Thank you very much! I’m not particularly good at drawing cityscapes, so that’s the main reason I used a stock photo background.

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