Death and Grimm:

Chapter 2

The air was crisp in the the early morning of London’s rooftops. Grimm found quiet atmospheres like this calming, which was good, because he was in a foul mood. This was due to the hellspawn he was to hunt down. He despised hellspawn, they were violent and irrational creatures, that refused to be reasoned with. It didn’t help that his special ability, Prediction, didn’t work on people killed by hellspawn. Well, not usually, which was the second reason he was upset. But he didn’t want to think about that right now. Thankfully, he had other means of locating Jack ‘The Ripper’ Winters.
As if on cue, a sudden slimy feeling washed over Grimm, as a bitter blue mist forced it’s way out of his throat. Every Reaper on Earth knew what this meant; someone had died nearby. He needed to find out where. Focusing his senses, Grimm surveyed the alleyways below. Inside one to his left was a bloody corpse, it’s innards trailing off into the mist. “There.” A subtle smirk spread across Grimm’s face, as he strolled over to the edge of the rooftop.
Grimm never got bored with what came next. The wind fluttered past his cloak as he leaped into the air. Landing on the nearby roof with a satisfying ‘thud’, he rushed towards the other side, ensuring he didn’t lose momentum. From rooftop to rooftop, Grimm chased after the trail of blood, hoping to catch Jack before anyone noticed the mess he left behind.
Reaching the end of the trail, Grimm sighted his target below. Now, for a normal person, going from the roof of a 20 story building to the pavement below in a matter of seconds would involve a lot of screaming and mess. Grimm was not a normal person.
Swinging around the edge of the rooftop, Grimm slid down the side of the building. His scythe trailed behind in the brick wall, slowing his descent to a safe speed, and passing through the brick like a ghost. Pushing off a 5th story ledge, Grimm spun in midair, dark energy swirling around the blade of his scythe. Jack would be dead before Grimm reached the ground, and before Death even reached London.
Or at least, that was the plan.


A note from the author ninja:

Things are starting to pick up, huh? Next chapter will be the first battle, stay tuned to see how things turn out!

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