Death and Grimm:

Chapter 1

Death strolled up to the entrance of the Seattle Center subway. “Rank 7, huh…” He’d never fought a hellspawn that strong before, could he even win? Well, worst case scenario he’d end up chilling in heaven for a couple eternities, so he might as well just get it over with. “Everything has its place. Everyone has their time. To combat those who defy nature, the guardian of death orders, open the gate!”
…Nothing. Death had thought for sure there’d have been a portal set up there. Ah well, the problem was an easy one to fix.
Blood began to gather from thin air in front of his chest, swirling around slowly and without purpose. Then, Death placed his hand in front of the blood, which in turn began to shift and solidify, forming his scythe right in the palm of his hand. He then gently pressed the blade of his scythe against the concrete, carving the alchemical symbol for Pluto in with a bright black light.
“Right, once more, this time with less failure. Everything has its place. Everyone has their time. To combat those who defy nature, the guardian of death orders, open the gate!”
Upon finishing the incantation, a dark red energy began to form a curtain in the middle of the stairway down to the subway. Death walked through. On the other side of the energy was a large and long dark tunnel, with a vast murky river flowing through its center. The entire place had a silent mist looming throughout it, creating an air of mystery. His brother found such a place relaxing, but Death still thought it was creepy. Not in a scary way though, just unsettling. Its sole resident on the other hand, was terrifying.
Suddenly, as if to illustrate a point, a whispery voice came from out of the shadows. “Whhere will it be good sir?”
Death nearly jumped out of his skin. Once again, Charon had managed to sneak up on him.
“Let me guess, it’s Lon-don ssector thhirteen, isn’t it?”
Why did he bother to ask if he already knew? Gah… He didn’t know how the other Reapers could stand him… What with the tattered robe, leathery skin, bony hands, glowing green eyes, rotting teeth (with matching breath), and the old moldy dinghy he steered down the river Styx. Worst part was, he existed outside time. Of course, the whole river Styx was in a separate timeline, that was what made it so convenient, but that was missing the point.
“Going after Jack, are wee? Be carefulll… He’s a fiercce one.”
Death felt a chill go down his spine. He was getting an eerie feeling this would be a one way trip…


A note from the author ninja:

Well, here we are again. Back in the spooky world of the Reapers.

Although, the River Styx does sound pretty handy. I dunno about you guys, but if I had access to this thing, I’d be using it whenever I got the chance.

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