Magician's Journey:

Chapter 50

Thomas stared in awe, watching as the very fabric of reality blew away in the wind like dust off a carpet – revealing the true pattern underneath. Within seconds, he, Pallo, and Meke were surrounded by nothing but stone. Stone ground, stone mountains, stone melted into pools of magma, and boulders raining down from the sky with capes of flame trailing behind them. There was no air. Thomas could only breathe thanks to the protection of nature.
Before the enormity of destruction and ruin had a chance to sink in, smoke began to billow up in front of Thomas in the shape of a ring. Through this ring of smoke, Thomas could see a vast city – filled with spires taller than any master builder would dare to dream of and iron devices that raced through streets of blackened stone.
Meke led Thomas and Pallo through the smoke, which quickly revealed itself to be a portal. “<Yeah… I’ve had just about enough of this.>” Meke plodded lazily over toward a seemingly random corner, then swung one of his paws sharply downward – smacking an impish creature out of the air. “<Cut the theatrics, and take us to Tokka.>”
The strange creature peeled itself off of the pavement. The unnatural, similar-to-stone-but-not-quite-stone pavement. “{He’s not Tokka anymore, he’s Adalric.}”
“<No, he’s not.>” Meke growled. “<He’s Tokka of the Endless Snow, master to a thousand children, and the last of the Perne tribe. He’s been called that since before the stupid, skinny, plant-eating monkeys learned to work iron, and he’ll be called that until he finally sleeps.>”
“{Yes, well, that’s what you think…}” The impish mystery thing pulled some smoke from the air, forming a ring underneath Meke. “{…and I don’t like you, so I don’t care what you think.}” The ring turned into a second portal, dropping Meke back into the hell-scape of stone and magma – specifically, in the middle of a particularly large pool of lava. Then the eccentric creature waved goodbye to Thomas and disappeared.
After a moment of silence, the entire city collapsed into snow, the sky peeled away to reveal a slightly different sky, and a small mountain sprouted off in the distance.
“Ah! I see you’ve finally arrived!” A youthful voice with a wizened tone that echoed within itself came from behind Thomas. “Don’t worry about Meke, this sort of thing happens all the time – yet he keeps picking fights with the spirits. Meke may be confident and otherwise intelligent, but he lacks the ability to learn from his mistakes.”
Thomas stood still and silent, dumbfounded.
“What’s the matter, boy? The spirits didn’t drop Meke in water, did they? Because that makes him really upset.”


A note from the author ninja:

There is a valuable lesson to be learned here: “Don’t poke the all powerful thingamajigs.”

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