Magician's Journey:

Chapter 46

Thomas slowly blinked awake. He was on a beach, nestled in a makeshift bed of seaweed and sand – but why? The gears in his head slowly started to turn, letting his memories drift back to him. He’d started on his way to the port, but was distracted by a chat with Lilly. Then he’d wandered off and gotten lost, winding up on some random shore. Well, he hadn’t planned to travel home by ship anyway, and he was likely still pointed in Britannia’s general direction. It was unlikely he’d miss his destination entirely. The place was quite large, after all.
What time was it? He’d intended to stay for just a short nap, but it wasn’t uncommon for magicians to accidentally sleep away entire weeks – although he was still young enough that sleeping for more than forty candles was improbable at best. Well, however long he’d slept, it was midnight now, and Pallo was just waking up. She’d been cuddled up to Thomas for the entire time, possibly because she was lonely. She never liked being away from a pack mate for more than a day or two, and it had been weeks since she’d last seen master Erline or her familiar – both irreplaceable members of the family. Then again, snuggling wasn’t exactly extreme behavior for a wolf.
“Pallo, are you ready to head for home?”
<That depends.> Pallo stretched, her tongue curling up as she yawned. <Will we be walking?>
“You know, I think we will.” Thomas slung his pack over his shoulder, and started to make a move toward the ocean.
<I was trying to do “sarcasm,” Thomas.> Pallo dutifully trotted after her master. <I think that was a mistake.>
“Sarcasm? Really?” Thomas took a step out onto the water, letting it ripple beneath his feet. “{Aquio, Jace!}” He took several more steps. The surface of the water bent slightly under the weight of his feet, but remained steady nonetheless. “Splendid! It’s just like walking in leaf-covered mud, but with one big smooth leaf instead of a bunch of textured little ones.” He paused. “…What was I saying? Oh, of course: Sarcasm seems uncharacteristically mischievous of you.”
<It seemed to amuse you when Sylvester used it.> Pallo stepped cautiously out onto the water, steadily gaining confidence as she got further from the shore. <So I thought I’d try.>
“I appreciate it, but it’s fine if you speak normally – not to discourage experimenting with new rhetorical techniques.” Thomas was certain that walking on water was safe, but it was too slow. At this rate, the trip would last more than a day, and it wasn’t an option to camp out on or under the sea… was it? He’d have to look into that later. “Failure is part of the learning process, and I know how important communication is to wolves.” There had to be a faster way to cross the ocean. Flight? No, that defeated the purpose of walking. The spell clearly worked for Pallo, perhaps because she was an extension of Thomas, and was therefore affected by anything that affected him? Whatever the reason, if it worked on Pallo in her regular form, surely it would work on her true form as well?


A note from the author ninja:

I like Pallo. She’s fun to write.

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