Magician's Journey:

Chapter 2

Pallo pushed aside a small tree, walking back into the village where Thomas was. A crushed deer dangling from her jaws, she was feeling rather proud of herself, and couldn’t wait to show her alpha what she’d caught. The only thing keeping Pallo from total bliss was a nagging feeling that she’d forgotten to do something, something important. Well, she’d been scenting for a deer, and she had a deer now, so what could she possibly have missed?
Pallo stopped, she’d found Thomas. He was conversing with a human female with a vaguely familiar scent. When Pallo approached, the female human turned her attention to Pallo and began to freak out, gesturing wildly and making strange human noises. She was doing it very loudly too. Maybe she was trying to scare Pallo off?
Pallo turned to face Thomas. He seemed calm, so it was probably nothing.
“What are you talking about? It’s just Pallo. I mean, sure she’s a bit bigger than normal, but…”
Pallo’s ears twitched briefly, as she tilted her head in confusion.
Thomas glanced over at Pallo. “Don’t worry about it, I was talking to Faith.”
Pallo dropped her kill in front of Thomas. <I apologize. It can be a bit confusing only understanding half the conversation.>
Thomas bared his teeth, briefly startling Pallo before she remembered that this meant humans were happy. A strange way to make up for their lack of a tail. “Don’t worry about it! Did you get the deer droppings?”
So that’s what she’d forgotten! Oh well, the problem was easy enough to solve. <There should be some fresh in the deer’s bowels.>
Thomas sighed. “So you forgot, huh. Well, it’s not so bad. I think half digested grass might actually be better.” Thomas paused. “I’m sorry, but Faith is becoming irritating. Do you mind changing out of true-form?”
<Not at all. I was growing weary from maintaining it anyway.> Pallo felt a powerful release of energy emanating off her, as she shrunk back down to her normal height of only about half a Thomas tall. Then, a brief tingling shook through the tips of her fur, as it changed back from white to gray, and her glowing blue markings faded into nothing.
“Thanks. Now I hate to keep asking you for these favors, but could you go grab my stuff? I need to get to work on cutting open your kill’s stomach and drying the contents. Oh, and I should properly thank and apologize to him before I forget, too.”
Pallo wagged obediently in response, trotting off to track the scent of Thomas’s bag.


A note from the author ninja:

And now we get Pallo’s point of view! She’s probably my favorite character to write so far.

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