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Overview: A cheerful and optimistic young gremlin king, Lewis may not win wars, but he’s always won the respect and love of his people. He likes to think of his kingdom as a family, and sees the non-king gremlins as innocent and child-like. Most of his time is spent trying to protect his followers’ happiness and innocence, and they return the favor with loyal and diligent service. Lewis may not seem like the brightest at first, but don’t let his care free attitude and unguarded nature fool you into thinking he’s stupid. He is capable of using a mixture of cunning, charisma, and skill to come out on top in even the most desperate situations.
Likes: His gremlins, music, and humans.
Dislikes: Violence and faeries.
Misc: Lewis loves to cook, and approaches it with the same mentality that gremlins approach engineering. His bizarre creations range from the surprisingly 5-star, to the downright disastrous. Prime examples are the addicting banana-ketchup shake, to the traumatizing salmon-pickle sandwich incident. Lewis is also, surprisingly, a tail specialist. Tail specialists are some of the most feared and respected warriors among the gremlin kings, known for their ability to take out even the most advanced grem-tech unarmed. He became this skilled from constant training, since he wanted to be able to protect his family, but didn’t want to have to carry weapons everywhere.

Overview: A clumsy standard gremlin, Spoon can’t seem to get anything right. Constantly fumbling and messing up, they were the laughing stock of gremlins in other kingdoms. This culminated in an infamous moment, where during a false alarm at Lewis’s apartment, the gremlins armed themselves with silverware in preparation for an attack that never actually happened. However, while the others were arming themselves with forks and knives, only Spoon chose to grab the least lethal thing possible. A spoon. This of course, led to Lewis finally deciding on their name, Spoon. Now, while most would have seen this as mockery, names are considered to be a tremendous honor in gremlin culture. One that regular gremlins could only dream of, and Spoon had been at the absolute bottom of the totem pole. So, they were ecstatic rather than offended, and swore to never again put down the spoon that had earned them this great honor. Several months later, they’re still just as clumsy as ever, and still have their spoon.
Likes: Their spoon, dancing, Lewis, and their name.
Dislikes: Being mocked and people insulting Lewis.

Overview: A cheerful standard gremlin, Squeak provides the majority of the power used by the apartment building Lewis lives in. A fact unknown by both the human residents of the complex, and Squeak themself. This is because Squeak is having too much fun running on their hamster wheel to question why Widget and Tinker keep wiring things up to it.
Likes: Running on hamster wheels, Lewis, and cookies. (Especially chocolate chip!)
Dislikes: Small rodents. They eat Squeak’s cookies and hog the hamster wheel.

Overview: An unusually charismatic and extroverted gremlin thinker, Widget is infamous for not only making the most impractical and absurd of devices, but roping others into helping. Although their devices always lead to trouble, Widget’s playful and passionate approach to their work makes it hard to stay angry. Tinker and Gears have an enormous amount of respect for Widget, almost more than they have for Lewis.
Likes: Music, inventing for the sake of inventing, singing, DJing, people finding their devices useful, Tinker, Gears, and Lewis.
Dislikes: Boredom and physical labor.
Misc: Widget was named after his tendency to make devices so strange, even they don’t know what they do. They also DJ almost every party the gremlins throw, and are actually quite good at singing and mixing tracks.

Overview: On first glance, Tinker might seem mean spirited, but that’s just the way they show their affection. They never cross any lines, and make absolute sure to know when it turns from friendly pranking to bullying. Tinker also has a strong sense of justice, and is known to stand up for anyone who is the victim of real bullying. Of course, when Tinker isn’t pranking or playing hero, they’re messing around with wires and circuits like the other gremlin thinkers. Unlike the other thinkers though, Tinker doesn’t really like starting from scratch, and always gets blank page syndrome. However, once Widget gets the ball rolling or when presented with a device made by someone else, the inspiration comes rolling in and they tinker everything in sight until they’ve made a masterpiece. Thus, the name.
Likes: Tinkering with machines, Widget, Gears, and Lewis.
Dislikes: Bullies.

Overview: Gears is a quiet and good natured gremlin thinker, known for going with the flow and always being willing to help out. It may seem like they’re being bullied by Tinker and Widget, but its all in good fun, and Gears knows that Widget and Tinker would rush to protect them should anyone actually malicious show up.
Likes: Tinker, Widget, Lewis, and helping others. Gears was named after a lifelong streak of bad luck, resulting in constantly getting caught up in and injured by any machinery they get too close to. In summary, when Gears gets near gears, they always gets stuck in and hurt by the gears, which really grinds Gears’s gears.
Dislikes: Being left out.
Misc: Gears will often finish his work, then rush over to Widget or Tinker to see if they can help out with their jobs too. Once that’s done, Gears will then go around helping out the other gremlins, too. Gears becomes rather upset if they aren’t allowed to help.

Overview: Shock is a bratty gremlin scout, who all the other gremlins avoid like the plague. This is because Shock is always rude, and is constantly acting superior to everyone else. They refuse to participate in any games, and insist that they could do a better job DJing than Widget any day. Despite Shock’s insistence that they want absolutely nothing to do with the other gremlins though, they always seem to show up at every single gathering the others prepare. This is because Shock wants nothing more than to be friends with the other gremlins, but has somehow become convinced that the best way to do this is to behave in a “suupa coora” way. Unfortunately, Shock and everyone else seem to have differing ideas on what exactly that means, and all they’ve managed to do is become an outcast. Still, they try, and with a little help from Lewis, they may someday be right there partying beside the other gremlins.
Likes: Being praised, Lewis, and all the other gremlins. (Although they’d never admit it.)
Dislikes: Being ignored and being looked down upon.
Misc: Named after their tendency to appear out of nowhere, and startle Lewis.

Overview: Chief is the perfect gremlin captain, and the envy of gremlin kings everywhere. Unreasonably skilled in combat and strict enough to keep the others in line, but friendly enough that the other gremlins respect them and actually listen to what they say. Chief is known among the other gremlins for being bossy, overly strict, and always showing up at parties and telling them to get back to work or keep the noise down. They’re also violent and prone to splattering any gremlin that talks back or disobeys. (I mean, sure they pop right back, and death is only a minor inconvenience, but it’s still rude!) However, the gremlins know that Chief is usually right, and that they only have their best interests at heart, so they aren’t too sore about it.
Likes: Their kingdom and Lewis.
Dislikes: Slackers, threats to their kingdom’s well being, and Pandora.
Misc: Chief was actually the runt of three captains that all appeared at once. The only thing differentiating him from a standard gremlin was his head band. It was hard work and training that turned Chief into the force of nature they are today.


Overview: Pandora is an aptly named young woman, constantly chasing after mysteries regardless of the danger or consequences. Thankfully, she’s well aware of the flaws in this, and calls it her “Lois Lane complex.” However, no matter how bad an idea Pandora may think it is, she has yet to find a way to stop herself once the curiosity starts to kick in.
Likes: Photography, reporting, and learning about the other realms.
Dislikes: The unknown, the dark, and people who make lots of assumptions.

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  1. Why are non-king gremlins referred to as they, as in ” They’re also violent and prone to splattering any gremlin that talks back or disobeys.” with Chief? They seem like they’re only one gremlin.

    1. It’s because gremlins are gender neutral. They are neither male nor female. However, as sentient beings, it felt wrong to refer to them as “it.”
      So I went with a singular they, which although not used very often, is actually grammatically correct. (It only became widely acceptable to use recently, though.)

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