Chapter 8

Pandora swung her car door shut, beginning her trek from the parking lot to Lewis’s apartment. She’d been coming over every couple of days for the past few weeks, bringing a list of preprepared questions each time. Currently, she knew a lot about gremlins, but there was still just as much if not more that she didn’t know. So her visits continued.
Today, she was hoping to find out more about the gremlins’ home dimension, which they called “the Scrap Yard.” Questions about the place swirled throughout her head as she opened Lewis’s front door. What plants lived there? What animals? Were gremlins the only residents? What about-
Pandora froze, and her excitement dissipated. The lights were off. Seconds that felt like hours passed, both the room and Pandora’s mind became filled with silence. She slowly began to walk forward, pushing through the darkness as if it were a dense liquid. Then, it all burned away in a flash, as the lights flicked on.
When Pandora looked around for the source of the light, she spotted a gremlin hanging from a light switch. She guessed it had gotten up there through a combination of furniture and poor planning, and was now stuck.
“Trying to turn on the lights, huh? Thanks.”
Yoi. Waffa.
“Need some help getting down?”
The gremlin turned its head to look at her, a pleading expression on its face. “Yoi…
Pandora gently placed her hand underneath the gremlin’s feet. The creature promptly released its grip. Unfortunately, the gremlin landed with more force than it anticipated, and swiftly began to lose its footing. It took only seconds for it to stumble off of Pandora’s hands and onto the ground with a splat.
Pandora jolted. She may have known that gremlin’s could be easily revived, but she still wasn’t used to their frequent deaths. Frankly, Pandora was just glad that they always turned into goo instead of leaving a more traditional corpse. She really wasn’t interested in an impromptu crash course on gremlin anatomy, as fascinating as the information would be.
On a different note, the house was unusually quiet. Normally the gremlins would be running about and causing chaos, pausing only when they thought an outsider might be in a position to overhear.
Then, as if on cue, a gremlin dashed into the room, and began running in circles around Pandora’s feet while shouting “Beech, ossan, san-cassle!” over and over. It was wearing a snorkel made of tape, rubber bands, plastic wrap, and a small section of a bendy straw, and for some reason, carrying a metal spoon.
After several minutes of excited yelling, the gremlin stopped to take a breath. Then, it tugged on Pandora’s pant leg. “Pattazwi! Pattazwi!” The creature ran in place briefly, then bolted off into Lewis’s bedroom.
Intrigued, Pandora decided to follow the gremlin, a decision that led her all the way to Lewis’s closet. Pushing the clothes to the side, Pandora saw the entrance to a system of caves, filled to the brim with various cobbled together machines and devices. This was a bit odd, considering she was on the third floor of an apartment complex.
“A portal, huh… Now things are getting interesting…”


A note from the author ninja:

Sorry if this chapter is a bit sub-par as far as the smoothness of the writing. Normally, I’d have gone over it a second time to fix any awkward bits, but I’ve been sick lately, and haven’t been able to get any work done.

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