Chapter 5

Lewis walked briskly into the kitchen, frequently checking behind him to insure Pandora hadn’t followed. Inside the kitchen, several standard gremlins were quietly mixing up some blue cake batter and preheating the oven. The quietly part was a bit of a shock, as gremlins rarely did anything subtly. It was a pleasant type of surprise though, as everything seemed to be going relatively according to plan. Lewis took a couple glances around the room to make sure that everyone was doing their job properly, and that widget wasn’t going to try and cook the cake in his nuclear microwave, then moved on to his bedroom.
Lewis stopped in front of the mirror, focusing his mind on the gremessence stuck to him. After about a second, the blue goop began to slowly float out from the fabric of his clothing. After a brief examination, he quickly confirmed that the gremessence was cold and lifeless. No longer having any use for it, Lewis waved his hand, dissipating the bubble of blueness. Next, he closed his eyes, focusing on his clothing. Slowly but surely, the cloth began to shift and move, reforming into a fresh set of clothes.
After ascertaining that he still looked human, and that his outfit wasn’t too bizarre, Lewis headed for the living room to continue the so-called “get together”, as well as keep an eye on Pandora. As it turned out though, this level of caution was not necessary, and everything went smoothly. Well, as far as security was concerned. She may have bought into his preprepared back story, and not asked any unexpected questions, but the social aspect of the visit was… disappointing. The conversation was slow and awkward, and even stopped completely on occasion. The cake turned out poorly, and Lewis discovered, much to his dismay and misfortune, that gremessence tasted terrible. He would have to have a chat with his people about blue food coloring later, primarily what is and isn’t a suitable replacement for it. He honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he caught them eating dish detergent at this rate…
Well, time flies by when you’re having a secret panic attack, as you try to keep your classmate from discovering you’re not actually human, and before Lewis knew it, the visit was over, and Pandora was leaving. Lewis watched to make sure she was gone, then heaved a sigh of relief. He was exhausted, and needed a cookie to cheer himself up. Wandering into the kitchen and towards the fridge, Lewis was swiftly reminded that 5’4” was just a little too short to reach anything on top of his fridge. Why did he even keep the cookies up there? So his followers couldn’t get them? As if a nine-ish foot high flat surface would stop them from getting anything. Especially with Widget leading the eternal war against his snack supply. How’d they even turn the TV into a portal to the pantry in the first place? Ah well, nothing some claws and wings couldn’t fix. He hadn’t released them in a while anyway, and it was starting to get uncomfortable.
First came the quiet but strong “foomf” sound, next came sweet, sweet relief. Pointed teeth, proper eyesight, and all the other important bits were in their proper place, while he still continued to mostly maintain his human form. It all just felt so relaxing, so natural, so… right. He really didn’t know how humans managed with their limited mobility and senses. Now all he needed to do was get a good grip and he was-
Lewis was interrupted by a sharp clicking noise. An upsettingly familiar clicking noise.
Slowly, his head turned to face the source, as he hoped and prayed it wasn’t what he thought it was. However, fate was a cruel mistress, and standing there in the doorway to the kitchen, was Pandora, with a camera.


A note from the author ninja:

Looks like Lewis has been found out! I wouldn’t worry though, I’m sure he’s got it under control. I mean, who travels to a potentially hostile land without a back up plan for when things go south?

Lewis, apparently.

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