Chapter 4

Pandora gently shoved the door to Lewis’s apartment open, her eyes cautiously wandering around the room. She had weaseled, bluffed, and flim-flammed her way into his house, but now she needed to figure out how to actually find what she was looking for without arousing suspicion. This would have been much easier, had it not been for the fact that she wasn’t really sure what she was looking for. “Something unusual” wasn’t really a whole lot to go on.
“Oh, hello there! You’re here early!”
Pandora jolted. Lewis had caught her off guard. “Ah… Yes… I left… early… expecting… traffic. Yes. That’s it. I was expecting a lot of traffic, so I left early.”
Lewis scrunched up his face, leaving a very confused expression. “Tra-a-a… fik?” Suddenly, his face snapped back to normal. “Yes! Traffic! Of course! You absolutely must account for traffic! Only a fool wouldn’t account for traffic! Who’s a fool? Not me. Not you. Nope. Have to account for traffic. I mean… Oop! I do believe I got a text! Pardon me as I check this!” Lewis whipped out his phone, and began to furiously type away. He glared at his screen so intensely that Pandora wouldn’t have been surprised if he burned a hole in the phone.
Pandora was about to question him on whether he had actually gotten a text, or was actually doing something else. However, she was distracted by a strange blue goo splattered across his lower torso. “Uh… Lewis? What’s that blue stuff?”
Lewis froze, looking up like a deer in the headlights. As his phone fell to the ground, you could practically see the gears turning behind his sky blue eyes. After several seconds, he began to speak in a tone that was more question than answer. “Ca-a-ake… batter…?” Suddenly, his face became more confident. “Yes! Cake batter! I was making a blue-” Lewis kicked the wall. “-cake-” He kicked the wall again. “-in the kitchen.” He kicked the wall a third time, then glanced around the corner. “Yes, a blue cake-” Lewis kicked the wall once more, frustration rising in his voice. “-in the kitchen.” He kicked the wall one last time, then began to glare into the kitchen. After several seconds, his face and voice relaxed. “Now, if you don’t mind, I’ll go clean up the kitchen and get some fresh clothes. The living room is over there.” Lewis pointed towards a hallway, then bolted off.
Pandora began to wander towards the living room, but stopped when she saw Lewis’s phone glowing on the floor. She picked it up, and was about to call out to Lewis, when she noticed something. There, on the screen, were the Google search results for “define traffic.”
Truly, there was something off about Lewis, and Pandora was now more determined than ever to find out what it was…


A note from the author ninja:

Looks like Pandora’s starting to catch on…

Will she find out? Will Lewis manage to keep his secret? If Pandora does find out, how will she react? Am I starting to sound like that guy at the end of children’s cartoons who hypes up the next episode, and nobody likes?

Yes. Yes I am.

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  1. Lewis actually reminds me somewhat of Oh from the movie Home. Oh is an alien, and so he doesn’t quite get everything about Earth, just like Lewis.

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