Huxley: Heir to Wrath:


Before you start reading this story, there is something I would like to let you know.

This story has no heroes.

It a is a common (and mistaken) belief that the protagonist of a story must be its hero. That the people within a story always directly represent the author’s ideals.

This is not the case here, with this story. It takes place in a messed up and violent world, and every character has contributed – either through action or inaction – to how screwed up this world is.

Some characters have contributed a lot, others only a little.

Some make their world worse by trying to make it better, others just give in to their own desires.

Some have given up on the world as a whole, and are just trying to take care of their friends and family – no matter how many strangers have to suffer to make that happen.

Nobody will be a role model, but I think most of them have something going for them. Something many people could stand to learn from and emulate.

That’s my hope, with this story. That you, the readers, will see the world from many flawed perspectives, and learn something from each one. Learn from their examples, both of what to do and what not to do. See that they are all made up of both good and bad.

Most importantly, I hope that when the line between “good people” and “bad people” starts to blur, you’ll see what really matters.

They’re both “people.”


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