Huxley: Heir to Wrath:

Chapter 5

Huxley heaved a sigh of relief as he reached the front door of his shitty little apartment. The longer he lived there, the further the rent prices tanked – which suited him just fine. Normally, he’d feel bad about it, or worry about getting kicked out… but the landlord was a prick and too cowardly to confront Huxley to any meaningful degree. Plus, the cheap housing had gotten a few down-and-outs off the streets and under a roof they could call their own – so that was nice.
Nicer still was the fact that Hux hadn’t met any more angels on his way home. Sure, they had about as much of a chance at killing him as a snowball had at surviving a summer in hell… but angels didn’t give up easy, and had a nasty habit of calling for reinforcements when things got messy. In other words, Huxley really didn’t feel like adding another few hundred people to his kill count.
…It was probably best not to dwell on that train of thought.
Huxley pulled out his keys from his back pocket and started to unlock the door – but the keys wouldn’t turn. He tried the other direction, turning ‘til he got a click. A rattle of the door handle revealed that this hadn’t unlocked the door. It had locked it.
Shit. Fuck. This was bad. This wasn’t the sort of neighborhood where people left their doors unlocked, and Huxley wasn’t the sort of guy to forget to lock his. Even when he was drunk and high off painkillers he always remembered. Someone must’ve broken in.
Stillness overtook Huxley as he sharpened his senses. Inside his home he could hear light footsteps – an intruder. A gentle floral scent undercut the usual stench of smoke, cheap booze, and urban rot that filled the block – an angel. They seemed to be alone, though. There was only one set of footsteps and the scent was weak. Probably just a scout, if Huxley acted quickly, he could take the feathered nuisance before they called for help. It wasn’t the best solution, of course. A mysteriously missing angel was likely to draw in patrols, but Huxley would probably have enough time to skip town before it got too… messy.
And he’d rather leave one dead body behind than a thousand.


A note from the author ninja:

Both Heaven and Hell go through four unique seasons, just like Earth.

That said, the four seasons are very different above and below – and only demons and angels that have spent a lot of time on Earth call them by their human names.

Hell goes through the time of pestilence, the time of war, the time of famine, and the time of death.

Heaven cycles through the wind of  life, the wind of plenty, the wind of health, and the wind of peace.

There’s a lot more to the seasons of Heaven and Hell, as well as the forces that drive them… but that’s a whole wall of text. I’ll save that for another time. (Unless someone requests I post it sooner rather than later.)

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