Huxley: Heir to Wrath:

Chapter 4

“…Extra?” Huxley struggled to keep a smile and maintain a normal level of eye contact as he spoke. “You mean money?”
“That is the most common choice, yes.” Micha took several steps away, giving Huxley back his much missed personal space. “Food, clothes, books… anything that could be of use to those in need is welcome.” The angel paused. “…though I suppose it is rather unlikely you have any of that on you at this particular moment. If it would be more convenient, the local church does offer pickup services for larger donations… Physically large, I mean. Not financially.”
“Yeah, I’m familiar with the guys.” Huxley reached into his pocket for his wallet, pulling out all his remaining cash. “It’s not much, but I was planning to give this tomorrow.”
“We do what we can with what we have.” Micha carefully extended both his hands, receiving the money within his palms. “I will make sure it is put to good use…” They hesitated. “…unless you would prefer to deliver your donation to the church in person?”
“Nah, I’m good.” Huxley slowly started to back away, planning his escape route. “I prefer to keep my charity anonymous.”
“How admirable.” Micha bowed again, gently folding the ten dollar bill over the quarter and stashing it within one of their robe’s pockets. “Dominus tecum, et libera vos a Superbiā.
With that, Micha stretched out their wings and took flight into the night sky, leaving Huxley all alone… unless you counted the three corpses.
“Well.” Huxley let out a breath he felt he’d been holding in for ages – the tension withing him relaxing, but not leaving. “Fuck.” Nothing left to do but head home, and see if he couldn’t flush out the adrenaline with alcohol.


A note from the author ninja:

As an angel of humility, Micha respects those who do good without expecting praise in return.

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