Huxley: Heir to Wrath:

Chapter 3

The Angel examined their sword one last time, then slowly looked up toward Huxley. “You seem afraid.” They stood up, placed the blood soaked cloth on the crate they’d been sitting on, and sheathed their sword. A gentle smile rested on their face. “Don’t worry, they’re just demons.” The angel nudged one of the demons’ corpses with their foot – careful not to get blood on their sandals as they did so. “See? Not a drop of red. An angel would never harm a human.”
“Right, of course…” Huxley found his gaze pulled between the bodies of his fellow demons and the armed angel. At least it seemed he hadn’t been recognized yet. “Well, can’t help being a little nervous around dead people – demon or not.”
“Demons, much like angels, are not people. Though we look like humans, we are just things – for we lack free will. Good and evil are impossible without the option to choose between them.” The angel extended a hand. Hesitantly, Huxley returned the gesture – flinching when the angel used both hands to firmly grab hold and shake – bowing his head as he did so. “My name is Micha, and I’m an angel of humility. May I ask your name?”
“…Huxley.” Every moment Huxley waited for Micha to release his hand took immeasurable willpower. Every fiber of his being was screaming for him to pull away… or to strike. “It’s Huxley.”
“Oh.” Micha paused, a downcast expression crossing their face as they released Huxley’s hand. “What an unfortunate name. I’m sorry.” They shook their head and forced a smile. “Anyway, I came down here to help out the local church. I’ve heard good things about them – not like my previous assignment. Greed and Pride drowned out the sound of their conscience, they used the name of God for their own benefit. No better than Satanists. Still, cleaning is the duty of chastity. My duty is to support, so I was replaced by one more suited to the task. Even what little good I’ve done here is beyond my role…” They gestured toward the dead demons. “…but one can hardly call themselves an angel if they allow a demon to roam free after seeing its true face.” Micha sighed. “Anyway, I don’t suppose you have any extra you’d be willing to donate for the less fortunate?”


A note from the author ninja:

Angels are usually quite friendly and helpful.


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