Huxley: Heir to Wrath:

Chapter 1

“Hey.” The barkeeper spoke to Huxley. Neither of them knew the other’s name, but there was an unspoken bond between the two. An odd understanding. “I know you, I know you’re not a bad guy… but this?” He gestured at the man lying beaten and bloodied on the ground, and the woman who was trying to escape as quickly as she could without drawing attention to herself. “It’s bad for business.”
“Got it.” Hux heaved a heavy sigh and rubbed his eyes, letting the pupils relax back into their usual round shape and the orange sclera fade back to white. He then ran his hand over his head, splitting his horns into bunches of stiff keratin wires – which took a second or two to soften back into normal strands of hair. This wasn’t the first good bar he’d been banned from. “You won’t see me again.”
“Now, don’t be like that…” A smile crept up on the barkeeper’s face, a little bit shrewd and a little bit sympathetic. “You ain’t the only demon in this part of town, and I ain’t no snitch. I don’t wanna kick you out. As long as you can cut back on the messes you leave me…” He nodded towards his tip jar. “…or provide adequate compensation, we won’t have a problem.”
Huxley pulled out his wallet and shuffled around through all the pockets. Only a ten dollar bill and a quarter, both of which he was hoping to give to the local church. “…You mentioned other demons, do you take -”
“Yeah I take it.” The barkeeper frowned. “Bank charges a twenty percent exchange fee, though.”
Reluctantly, Huxley rooted through his back pocket and pulled out five iridescent black coins – made from an alloy of iridium, copper, and brimstone. Real brimstone, not that cheap sulfur crap humans dug up. “Is this enough?”
“More than.” The barkeeper tried to hide his surprise as Huxley dropped the coins into the tip jar. “And here I thought you were just some punk. Looks like you can hold your own down there just as well as you can up here.”
“Yeah.” Huxley turned to leave. “Unfortunately, all wealth buys you back home… is the broken bones you get defending it.”


A note from the author ninja:

Huxley isn’t just any old demon…

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