Chapter 80

Andie landed with a “paff” sound right behind the weary businessman. This was the fourth time he’d come to this rooftop with the intention of taking the fast way down, and his visits were growing more frequent. He was standing on the railing, and breathing slowly as he stared emptily down at the ground below – his facial expression eerily peaceful. All it took was a snap of Andie’s fingers and a flick of her wrist to send him to sleep, letting soft blue dream smoke wisp out of him as he fell… forwards.
Adrenaline surging through her, Andie lunged forward to grab the man by the wrist – her hands phasing through his shirt and skin, grabbing onto something ethereal and malleable beneath. She could not move physical mass directly in her dreamwalker form, but as long as his body was filled with hopes, fears, and thoughts, she could grab onto those and use them to lift him. Still, the physical mass of the man’s body pulled heavily on his soul, and Andie could feel herself losing her grip as she tried and failed to heave him up to safety.
Time was not on Andie’s side, but fortunately, luck was. Just a second before too late, Dyllan and Cedric caught up with Andie – grabbing hold of the unconscious businessman and helping to haul him safely up over the railing and back onto the rooftop.
“Well. That was closer than comfortable.” Cedric chuckled cockily.
“Yeah…” Dyllan let out a sigh of relief. “Don’t think I’ve ever been scared of dream smoke before, but if one of us had accidentally popped into the mindscape… Well, let’s just say I’m glad none of us got to find out what happens when someone dies while you’re in their head.” He paused. “So, what’s the plan?”
“Something simple, no over thinking it.” Andie stretched her arms out to the sky, then brought them down and cracked her knuckles. “How about this: Dyllan takes the front line and gets the baddie’s attention, then I swoop in and start dealing some real damage as soon as there’s an opening. Cedric, you hide out by the sidelines and wait until one of us needs healing. Sound good?”


A note from the author ninja:

Over planning is always a danger. Simple plans are more durable, more flexible – and far less likely to need a total rework when met with an unexpected obstacle.

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