Chapter 76

Dyllan made his way slowly up the fire escape ladder to the meeting spot he, Andie, and Cedric had agreed upon. He was already starting to regret his decision to let his shadow in. The flickering black ears and tail left a buzzing, static-y sensation where they connected to him, there was a rigid twitch in between his right eye and his mouth he couldn’t quite shake, and something had settled down in the pit of his stomach. It was something cold and hollow, that pushed on his insides and made his body feel overheated. It left a lump in his throat, and filled him with a sensation halfway between nausea and a headache – like something was bubbling underneath his skin trying to break out and break in at the same time.
“Oh. Dyllan.” Cedric popped into visibility behind Dyllan, as soon as he reached the rooftop. “You’re here!” He paused. “…both halves of you. That was fast. I expected you to be more reluctant, since you aren’t as decisive as Andie – and you have a history with your shadow as well…”
“Ceeeedric… where are yooouuu…” Andie’s voice came from behind Dyllan, it’s tone unnervingly sweet and feminine. “I just wanna talk.
Hesitantly, Dyllan turned to look at the voice’s source. It was, of course, Andie. The strained smile on her face revealing that she was in a bad mood, the shadowy ears and tail revealing that she’d joined with her shadow like Cedric and Dyllan, and the orange glow of her sword hidden behind her back revealing that she was pissed.
“Hello, Dyllan.” Andie’s smile widened, and her eye twitched. “I don’t suppose you’ve seen Cedric around anywhere, have you?”
“Uh… yeah…” Cautiously and slowly, Dyllan backed away from Andie. Last he’d seen of her, she’d just barely agreed not to stab her shadow on sight… so the newfound teamwork between her and her shadow was more than just suprising. “He’s right behind – Wait, where did he go?”


A note from the author ninja:

Andie really doesn’t like it when people keep secrets from her.

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