Chapter 74

“…When did I ever say I was going to merge with you? I don’t even want to be near you!” Dyllan put himself in a more battle-ready stance, and warily looked his shadow up and down. “Hell, I’m still not sure this isn’t just a big play to get me to let my guard down. I mean, if you could always wake up before me like you did tonight, why have you never tried to ambush me? Or just attacked me in my dreams? This whole thing is fishy…”
“Yeah… I really don’t wanna play teacher and explain all this bullshit… Bye.” Shadow Dyllan hopped to his feet and started to leave – stopped in his tracks by his ego grabbing him.
“Where do you think you’re going?”
“Uh… away from you? Like you wanted?” A sneer formed on Shadow Dyllan’s face. “I hate being around you even more than you hate being around me. It’s kinda my thing, hating shit.” He rolled his eyes. “Thanks for that, by the way. It’s real fun hating literally everything.
“Yeah, no. I’m not letting you go anywhere unsupervised.” The room was quiet for a while, aside from the muttered grumblings of Dyllan’s shadow. It was Dyllan who broke the silence. “Fine, we’ll merge, or whatever – but only after you answer my questions.”
“Ha!” Shadow Dyllan shoved his ego away from him. “Make me.
“Okay. I will.” Within a second, Dyllan had successfully pinned his shadow to the ground – carefully locking all four limbs in place to prevent a struggle. This was especially important, because his shadow would enjoy a struggle. The monochrome psycho would be happy as long as both he and Dyllan were injured. “…Oh, and don’t bother trying to steal my skill in martial arts like last time. The technique I’m using right now is one I specifically learned for the purpose of subduing my opponents in a less painful way. It represents my dedication to pacifism, to mercy. I’d like to see you try and make me feel ashamed of that.”
“You expect me to be controlled with a little pain?” Shadow Dyllan cackled. “I am pain.”
“Of course not. I thought my usage of a pacifistic pin made that clear.” A cocky smirk grew on Dyllan’s face. “I plan to subdue you with boredom.”


A note from the author ninja:

The best way to fight a fighter, is by not fighting them.

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