Chapter 68

Finnegan paced back and forth, slowly stirring the pancake batter with his finger to check the consistency, then giving it a quick taste. “Let’s see… add some more butter, mix some cinnamon with sugar and nutmeg… and then if I mix it with a little… Oh! I should use that swirling technique, give it a spiral pattern like a cinnamon roll. Yes that should do it.” He plonked the bowl down on the counter, rubbed his hands together, and made his way to the fridge. “Now some milk for the – Is this two-percent? Why would you buy two-percent!? Were they out of real milk!?”
Tully’s gaze sheepishly drifted toward his feet. “…It’s healthier…”
“Pshaw! So’s broccoli, but I pity the child made to eat that for breakfast every morning. Thought I raised you better than this. ‘Sides, whole milk can’t be that bad for you. I drank it my whole life, and look at me now! Coming on seventy and fit as a fiddle!” Finn threw his hands into the air, then froze with a pained look on his face. Slowly, he reached his hands down to massage his back. “…S’long as I don’t move too quick.”
“Hey? Everything alright in here? I heard Connor wailing before I even reached our floor…” Kayleigh peered into the kitchen, a smile breaking out on her face as soon as she saw her father-in-law. “Oh! Hey, Finnegan! Wasn’t expecting you for another -”
“Ah-ah! Kay, we’ve talked about this. You’ve been married to my boy for almost twenty years now, just call me Finn like everyone else.” A smug look sprouted on Finn’s face. “And don’t worry about Little Cook, cheering him up was easy as cake. No one can resist the ol’ McClyde family charm!”
“Ha!” Kayleigh shot her husband a wry look. “Tell me something I don’t know.”


A note from the author ninja:

Finn’s right here, the health benefit from drinking milk with reduced fat is minimal to nonexistent. (Hell, in some cases, drinking whole milk might actually be healthier.)

The difference in taste, however, is quite noticeable.

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