Chapter 60

Dyllan slowly trudged up the main staircase of the building he called home, steadily making his way up to his family’s apartment. He’d just suffered through a two hour argument between Andie and her shadow. It had begun as soon as they’d gotten out of Maddie’s mindscape. The constant negotiating, insulting, bickering, and taunting – punctuated with the occasional bout of physical violence – had really started to wear on him. Fortunately, by the end, Andie had managed to come to something resembling an agreement with her dark side… though Dyllan still had his doubts as to whether or not this was a good idea.
Sure, Cedric was pretty clear about the fact that the shadows weren’t inherently evil, and Dyllan trusted Cedric more than his own doubts… but something still bothered him. A memory. One of his shadow – his Rage – and what it, no, what he had done to his classmate long ago.
Dyllan paused, his morbid train of thought interrupted by a simple yet stubborn obstacle. A door. While his dreamwalker form left him invincible to all physical mass, it left all physical mass invincible to him. He had no way of affecting the door, the door should, in turn, have no way of affecting him – and therefore no way of impeding him.
In theory.
In practice, the emotional mass that made up his body was… irrational. It operated by the laws of the mind, not the laws of science. As long as he believed an obstacle to be solid and impassable, it was – and vice versa. He had discovered this when he’d accidentally phased through a glass door. Still, believing that you should pass through solid wood was easier said than done, especially after the third time you ran face first into it at full speed.


A note from the author ninja:

In the Dreamwalkers universe, every living thing is made up of physical mass, just like in our universe. However, in the Dreamwalkers universe, living beings are made up of something else as well – emotional mass.

When a dreamwalker changes into their dreamwalker form, they are separating their emotional and physical mass.

According to the laws of physics that dictate how physical mass behaves, physical mass or physical energy is required to move physical objects.

However, emotional mass and energy follow the laws of emotions. The laws of emotions are far less… consistent than the laws of physics. Less cooperative, too.

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