Chapter 54

Andie hit the pavement with a gentle “paff.” She had no physical mass in dreamwalker form, and the ground had no emotional mass, so collision was minimal – allowing for her to take off running as soon as she touched down. “Come forth, my Courage!” She swung her Courage downward, cutting the nightwalker down the middle before the wreath of golden orange flame even had a chance to properly take shape as a sword.
It was a devastating blow, leaving the twin halves of Andie’s foe to fall to opposite sides – revealing gooey black innards. Unfortunately, it seemed nightwalkers were just as quick to bounce back from devastation as shadows were. The black goo shot from one half to the other, forming a web and pulling the nightwalker back together.
For a moment, there was silence. Scribbled thought doodles gathered beneath the nightwalker, lifting it up and rotating it around to face Andie as she adjusted her grip. “A dreamwalker, huh? Figures there’d be more of you party poopers.” It spoke with an unnaturally happy tone, its voice reverberating with a hollow echo and a shiver of madness. “My name is Madison, Madison Dorsey. Call me Maddie if you like. Just don’t call me ‘it,’ okay? The other dreamwalker kept referring to me like I was some sort of… thing.” Maddie’s eyes had no pupils or irises, just two shades of rancid yellow spun into a slowly turning spiral.
Reveal yourself, my Selfishness.” A large toy hammer made from decaying plastic appeared in Maddie’s hands, heralded by a swirl of rainbow light and sparkles. “Alrighty, then…” A bloodthirsty grin rooted itself on her face, revealing a row of pointed teeth – halfway between feline and vampiric, with one of the canines missing. “Let’s have some fun!


A note from the author ninja:

Yeah… Maddie isn’t very… stable.

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