Chapter 113

Andie reached out and grabbed hold of her weapon, then yanked it away from the shadows that held it – leaving them to melt away and return to the cracks of the mindscape. The cracks where they had lived since Andie first walked free of her ego. The cracks where they stealthily trailed her, awaiting her next command.
Not that Andie was likely to have a next command tonight. This was going to be a short fight. Nightmares rarely noticed shadows. To the dumb beasts they weren’t any different from a common insecurity or doubt that slunk through the cracks. They saw shadows as nothing more than morselous snacks to feed their despair with, realizing the depth of a shadow’s darkness only once it was too late.
Andie gave her blade a little twirl and began to casually stroll toward Dyllan’s Nightmare. The malnourished chunk of stupid was scrabbling around its mindscape, desperately trying to find something. Cedric, probably. Not that the moronic rage-muppet stood a chance of actually finding him. As hard as it was to hide the shining hope that beat within an ego, Cedric had a funny way of slipping through the cracks where normally only niggling little fears and doubts could travel.
The Nightmare froze without warning, then slowly turned to look at Andie. Had it seen her? No, that was impossible. She was effectively invisible to it… without…
Andie glanced down at the orange glow in her chest.
…her ego.
Of course. Even on the brink of death the stubborn fool seemed dead set on making Andie’s life difficult.
The Nightmare raised its crude sword into the air and spoke with its scorched and graveled voice. “Tear it apart, my –
Cut them down, my Arrogance.” With a flick of her sword, Andie threw a razor sharp crescent of blue energy – cutting off both the Nightmare’s sentence and two of its arms.


A note from the author ninja:

Andie’s shadow is weaker than Dyllan’s shadow. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

One might reasonably expect that this means Dyllan’s Nightmare is stronger than Andie’s shadow… but one would be wrong.

It’s funny how rarely the intuitive answer is the correct answer.

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