Chapter 93

“I mean, honestly, Kiddo…” Contre sat down on one of the unconscious ninja and posed like she was in the middle of a meeting at some big corporation. “Just because you need information doesn’t mean you’re going to get it. I beat the ninja, so their information is mine. If you want it, you either have to give me something of equal value or blackmail me.” She chuckled briefly, a hint of condescension leaking into her tone. “But we both know that you’ll never manage the latter.”
“I see.” It had been a while since Conmer had seen his mother, since he had seen the person that had raised him – taught him everything he knew. She knew all his weaknesses, and had a knack for making him forget how dangerous she could be. “Do you want to begin negotiations, or shall I?”
An elegantly carnivorous smile blossomed onto Contre’s face. “You start.”
“Well. In that case…” Conmer paused, tilting his head back in thought. “I call your bluff. As much as a good parent keeps their child on their toes, in the end your legacy is still quite dependent on me. I am currently the only heir to your style, and unless I am successful, people will disregard Jiras-enza as a ‘one hit wonder,’ and your student-teacher lineage will die. So I doubt you’d keep any of the truly vital information these ninja hold from me.”
“…You know kid, I’ve always been proud of you. You’re among the top three percent of Rosearn, but are too busy freaking out about whos, wheres, and whats of the two percent above you to get cocky.” The edges of Contre’s lips pulled up, half-heartedly mimicking a smile. “So I’ve gotta say, I’m really disappointed right now. I expected more from you.”


A note from the author ninja:

We’re back to the main story line, and diving right in with a prime example of why you don’t pick a fight with Contre.

AKA, the woman that currently stands at the top of the convoluted power structure that makes up the Rosearn shadow government.

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