Chapter 92

“…So aggressive. So impatient.” Contre strolled cheerfully over to Conmer, her childish grin gaining a menacing air for a few brief seconds. “I didn’t teach you to act like this, it isn’t proper for a Rosearn.”
“No, it’s not proper for a Rosearn – but yes, you did teach me to act like this.” Conmer noticed the tiniest twitch in his mother’s eye, revealing that for a split second – her expression was pulled towards rigidity. “Is the Jiras-enza style not built upon the idea of acting unlike a proper Rosearn, destabilizing negotiations to mess with your opponent’s head? Is sarcasm and sass not the best method to knock an opponent off their feet, and is rushing conversation not the best way to keep them there?”
Contre let out a prideful chuckle. “That’s my little Conny! You’ve grown so much since I last saw you, almost had me fooled there.” Her grin mellowed into a quiet smirk. “Almost.”
“I appreciate the compliment.” It took a while, but Conmer managed to push himself into a standing position without sacrificing his dignity – an impressive task, given that his hands and feet were both bound. “Now, if you would kindly help me with these ropes, we can move onto the fun part – collecting the losers’ information.”
“Well, Conny, I’d love to…” Contre hopped backwards with a little pirouette, gliding backwards along the floor as soon as she landed. It seemed she’d obtained a pair of EM skates, or as the genzin called them, combat repellers. “But what’s in it for me?”


A note from the author ninja:

Okay, bad news good news time.

Bad news, I’ve been having a bit of an issue with writer’s block lately, so I’m going to need to take a break from writing the main plot of diversity.

Good news, I don’t quite feel right just… not writing for a month, even if I’m still writing Dreamwalkers. So, instead of a hiatus, I’m doing an intermission! Look forward to four chapters of side stories over the next few weeks!

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    1. Nothing to worry about there. This intermission will only last 4 chapters before the normal story resumes.
      …A repeat of the Homesick fiasco is something I’ve taken great measures to avoid.

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