Chapter 91

“…Hey, you. The blue one. Aqua, I think you’re called. I don’t know if you’re hoping I haven’t noticed you, or you’re trying to bait me, but it won’t work.” Contre turned around to face the invisible ninja behind her, her eyes lagging behind to watch Meadow for just a little longer – to make sure she really was unconscious.
Aqua didn’t even flinch. Their breath was inaudible, muffled by their mask. As long as they held perfectly still, the distorted light was almost impossible to notice – even if you were looking for it.
“…Not budging, huh. Physically or metaphorically.” Contre snickered at her own wordplay. “Alright, fine, we’ll play your little game.” She began to approach Aqua the way any good Rosearn would, slowly and cautiously. As soon as Contre grew close, smoke exploded out from Aqua. Smoke that would have enveloped Contre, had she not leapt back and activated her EM suit with such perfect timing you’d think that she’d expected it.
You’d think that, because Contre had expected it. Now, while everyone else had their eyes glued to the smoke, wondering when and where Aqua would burst out of it, Contre was tracking a patch of distorted light peeking around the edge of the doorway.
“Well, now.” Contre ducked, dodging under the barely visible ripple that was Snowflake – who had lunged at Contre from behind, using Aqua’s smoke as a distraction. “You must be Snowflake.” Contre tapped the ninja on the leg, knocking them out with a surge of electricity. “We’ll talk later.”
“…Yes, but we should talk now.” Aqua’s voice came from behind the cloud of smoke. “There’s only you and me now. No distractions, no maneuvers, no schemes for you to turn against me. Charge me now, and odds are about 50/50 for each of us. Rosearn don’t let their fate be shaped by coin flips.”
“Fair enough. But if we’re going to talk you should show yourself – unless you’re content being unable to use body language in your schemes, of course.”
“Very well.” Aqua popped into vision and approached Contre, but swiftly leapt back once she swiped at her. They almost dodged the attack, but was touched by just the slightest brush of Contre’s fingertips – which was just enough to send them toppling downward like the other ninja.
“Sweet merciful – !” For a second, Contre’s face went totally blank, then she buckled over in laughter. “I swiped at you as a… as a joke! I can’t – Ha! I can’t believe I actually hit you! Are, are you really that stupid? Or do your reflexes just suck?”
“Erm, Mother?” Conmer glanced towards the unconscious Aqua. “I might be mistaken, but I don’t believe they can hear you right now.”


A note from the author ninja:

If you’re wondering how Contre knows Aqua is the blue one, or that Aqua was the one hiding behind her…

Well, it’s simple. She did her research before hand, so she knew al the different code names and ascociated colors, and she kept track of who was where.

She knew Sunshine and Snowflake would be assigned to watch the perimeter, she knew she’d already downed Sunshine, and that they’d try to keep Rouge away from the action. Finally, she’d already gotten Meadow just a few seconds earlier, so that just left Aqua.

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