Chapter 89

“Well, Conmer. Now that the pleasantries are out of the way, we can get down to -” Meadow’s pixel eyes changed to exclamation points, then switched back to eyes and narrowed with wariness. “Aqua, Rouge has just reported that they found Sunshine downed in corridor three.”
The deep blue pixel eyes on Aqua’s goggles turned to exclamation points. “…but my VI shows her as -”
As does mine.” Meadow spoke with a raised voice. “Silence your speakers and use the comms when sharing information like that.”
“I’m not an idiot, Meadow. You saw that twitch on his face.” Aqua gestured toward Conmer. “He has no idea who is attacking us – and chances are, he wants them neutralized even more than we do. In other words he might be helpful if we keep him on the same page. Isn’t that why -”
“I didn’t use the comms to tell you Sunshine is down? Yes, I did want to probe his response. Still, the room could be bugged – so choose your words carefully.” Meadow paused briefly. “Rouge is down too, no time for a full plan. T4-0H if Snowflake gets here before our enemy, XS-W6 if it’s the other way around.”
Meadow and Aqua turned invisible just before the cabin door slid open, revealing a tall, elegant tyar’sole woman.
A brief moment of expressionlessness crossed Conmer’s face, followed by a smirk. He knew this woman. She looked to be about 30 – though Conmer knew her to be older – and was dressed entirely in traditional Rosearn business attire, except for a single homgen scarf, which was worn and battered with age.
“<Well, hello there, Conny!>” The woman walked past the two invisible ninja, speaking in the Rosearn language. On the surface, she seemed to have failed to notice the distortion of light that gave the two away, but the way her eyes briefly flicked toward her peripheral vision when one of them moved made it clear she was aware of them. “<I happened to pick your ship up on my radar, and thought to pay you a visit… but it seems you’re a little tied up at the moment.>”
“<Very funny. Now, jokes aside…>” Conmer rolled his eyes. He didn’t know why she wasn’t speaking Eslish like everyone else in this arm of the Milky Way, but decided to play along – just in case. “<I don’t suppose I could convince you to help me out?>”
“<Aw, come on, little Baby Carrot…>” A huge shit eating grin grew on the woman’s face. “<That’s no way to talk to your mother.>”


A note from the author ninja:

For today’s chapter, I have two quick side notes, and one reminder.

Tyar’sole is the name of Conmer’s species, for those that forgot. (Although most people don’t know that, and just call them Rosearn.)

VI stands for Virtual Interface, and projects light directly in the eyes in a way that simulates certain images – usually acting as a way of adding what is essentially a head-up display to real life.

Puns are considered to be the highest form of comedy by Rosearn. Since their language is so unreasonably difficult to navigate, forming a good one is actually quite difficult. As such, most Rosearn humor translates poorly. (Basically, what I’m getting at here, is that the “tied up” joke told by Conny’s mother was actually really funny in the original Rosearn. I promise.)


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