Death and Grimm:

Q, A, and C.

Well, I said I’d do it in a comment. So I’m gonna do it.

Let the Death and Grimm Q, A, and C officially commence.

I’ll answer any questions that aren’t spoilers. For the sequel and prequel, I mean. They’re still in the works, but are very much a thing. If I don’t get any questions, I’ll just skip this whole thing and focus my energies on other tasks for the website.

Oh, and for those wondering, the C is for Chaos. They’re still duct taped to my ceiling and I cant get them to shut up, so they’ll be a part of this whether I like it or not…



  1. Did Life have pink eye glow, or was that just the beginning for a red eye glow? If he had pink eye glow, then what did that signify?

    1. Yes, he did in fact have pink eye glow.
      As for what pink signifies… Well, it’s sort of unclear.
      Chaos says it’s some sort of zen enlightenment state that allows them to think on a different wavelength from everyone else, resulting in a chain of seemingly erratic and random behavior. There is a logic though, it’s just one so incredibly twisted that no one without pink eye glow could possibly understand it.
      Chaos implied that it’s a very rare type of eye glow, one that can only be obtained through their influence. They also said something about dancercise being involved, but
      I think they were just making fun of me…

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