Death and Grimm:


Grimm sat quietly on the edge of a hospital’s rooftop. It had been seven years since he’d fought Chaos, if you could even call it a fight. Well, whatever it was, nothing truly dangerous had occurred since. Just the usual hellspawn incursions and ghost hunts.
It still wasn’t over though. The planters regularly showed up to make nuisances of themselves, and Charon had disappeared from the river Styx. These things worried Grimm, but not nearly as much as what happened when he tried to use Prediction.
Grimm stretched out his hands, forming a picture frame with his fingers. A small image rippled into existence, the same as it always had, but there was one difference. No matter how hard Grimm concentrated on anyone or anything, it would only show one image: A black screen with a timer ticking down. “17 years, 3 months, 5 days, 4 hours, 32 minutes, and 17 seconds. 16 seconds. 15. 14. 13…”
“Grimm, sir?” A nervous looking doctor approached. “The baby is awake.”
Grimm stood up, but didn’t turn around. “…and?”
“She’s a Grimm, just like you.”
“I see.”
“…Are you going to go see her?”
“Of course.” Grimm scanned the area surrounding the hospital one more time, making sure there was no danger, then turned around and began his walk to their room. As he walked, his thoughts started to turn to his family. His brother, his sister in law, his wife, his niece, his nephew, and now his daughter. It didn’t matter what might happen, who might attack, or what the timer meant, because Grimm would protect them. No matter how many more years he had to fight, and what kinds of powers he had to face. He would win.
Because that’s what Reapers did.


A note from the author ninja:

Well, There it is. The end of Death and Grimm.

As promised, there will now be a five week hiatus. After which I’ll start posting a new series and resume Magician’s Journey’s regular schedule.

If you’re really a fan of Death and Grimm though, don’t worry. I’ve already got plans for both a prequel and a sequel in the works, though those won’t be up for a while.

Now, if you’ll give me a second, I have something I need to say: Thanks to everyone that read this thing to the end, I hope you liked what I wrote, and I hope the ending was satisfying. Goodbye for now, and I’ll see you as soon as I write again!

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