Death and Grimm:

Chapter 8

Grimm awakened in the middle of a sea of homework, it seemed school had kept him up all night again. He stretched his arms and slowly stood up. He was still in his clothes from yesterday, a dress shirt and pants along with an unbuttoned blazer. His normally straight black hair was ruffled from bed head, although wearing a mask and hood all day didn’t help.
He needed caffeine, badly.
Then, as if to mock his plight, the doorbell rang, loudly. Grimm stumbled clumsily over to the door, nearly falling over as he opened it. On the other side was Death, wearing a short sleeved red t-shirt with the phrase “Live fast, die young, kick ass!” written in big yellow letters. Underneath said t-shirt was another t-shirt, this one long sleeved and white in color. Lower down he was wearing tan cargo pants as well as red and white sneakers.
“What did I tell you about visiting before noon, Death. One of these days I really am going to freaking kill yo-” Grimm stopped, in Death’s left hand was a cardboard tray with two large cups of coffee. “Is one of those for me?”
Death nodded. “It’s espresso, black, and filled with enough caffeine to kill an elephant. In other words, just the way you like it.”
Grimm stared blankly for a moment, then grabbed the cup and chugged it down in one gulp. “You’re forgiven. This time. Now, why are you here.”
Death grinned. “That depends, has the coffee kicked in yet?”
Grimm blinked a few times, the gears in his brain churning slowly and clumsily. “That also depends, do we use a base 12 numeral system?”
Death struggled to hold back laughter as he wandered into Grimm’s house. “I’ll take that as a no. So, how’s it been? Outside of the whole getting the shit beaten out of you by a maniac from hell, I mean.”
Grimm shrugged as he closed the door behind Death. “Same old same old. Medical school passes the time between ghost hunts, and as far as hobbies go, I still don’t have any. Aside from my quest to obtain a coffee IV, that is. How about you?”
Death opens up Grimm’s fridge, scouring for any form of carbonated beverage. “Eh. My grades are okay, and working at Starbucks pays the bills. Oh yeah, there’s also a rank 9 in Kyoto, sector 07.”
Grimm stared mournfully into his empty coffee cup, briefly considering beating Death over the head and taking his. “Oh.” There was a brief silence as Grimm’s brain caught up to the conversation. “What!? Another one already? Why didn’t you tell me sooner!”
Death kicked open Grimm’s closet, swiping one of his robes and a mask. “Survival instinct. I know better than to bring this stuff up when you’re pre-caffeine. I’m borrowing these by the way.”
“Go ahead.” Grimm wandered over to the closet to get a robe and mask for himself as well. “And now that I think about it, we don’t get to see rank 9s that often, they are the highest possible rank after all.”
“Pretty sure that’s rank 10, Grimm.”
“Nonsense, it’s impossible to return from oblivion. Rank 10 is just a myth.”
Death smirked mischievously. “Right. Just a myth like the Grim Reaper.”
Grimm sighed as he opened a portal to Styx in his stairway. “Just do your job Death, and do it properly this time.”
Death’s smirk widened as he stepped up to the portal. “Right. Don’t break protocol by challenging it on my own, right Grimm?
Grimm’s face turned solemn briefly. “That was… an exception…”
Death patted Grimm’s back. “Whatever, you have your reasons. Just don’t let it happen again. You scared me with that, thought you were gonna bite it for real.”
Grimm smiled subtly as he stepped through the portal. “Well, don’t get too comfortable now. We aren’t out of the woods yet…”


A note from the author ninja:

So, the next hellspawn has finally shown their face.

I wonder what kind of person it will be this time? (If you can even call those things people…)

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  1. Chapters 7 and 8 are my favorites so far. The story line and character development are excellent. The best word I can use to describe my experience of your writing style is animated. I feel like I’m part of the story line, and it moves me along with ease and anticipation. Humor is not easy to write. Much of it can get lost in the translation. I’ve laughed out loud a few times, so far. Looking forward to following the adventures of Grimm and Death as these two very different and distinct personalities evolve and grow.

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