Death and Grimm:

Chapter 67

Death pulled himself up off the concrete, taking a brief moment to soak in his surroundings. Everything seemed perfectly intact, almost as if nothing had happened at all. Maybe he’d gotten knocked out, and just dreamed the whole thing up? Death glanced toward Grimm, who looked like he’d been thinking very hard about something very important. “So… What now?”
Grimm took a deep breath. “Do you think it’s safe to assume those two… things, were immortal?”
Death walked over to his brother and sat down. “Well, I’m about ninety percent certain that they were omnipotent, and it’s pretty hard to imagine an all powerful being with a lifespan.”
“Do you recall the laws of death?”
“Sure. The living shalt stay in the world of the living. The dead shalt stay in the world of the dead. Thou shalt not seek immortality. Thou shalt not seek to revive the dead. And thou shalt not seek to change fate.”
“Do you believe that we serve these laws, or the one who created them.”
“The laws, duh.”
“Then we have two new fugitives for the records, wanted for the violation of laws three and five.”
Death gave Grimm a funny look, then let out an exhausted growl as he slumped onto the ground. “So even after all that, after all of this crap! …we wind up right back where we started. Looped on back to square one. Nothing’s changed.”
“Yup. Status quo maintained.” Grimm smiled. “Not bad for a day’s work, huh?”
“Well, aside from the omnipotent assholes.” There was a short pause, as Death thought for a bit. “Then again, they were probably there from the beginning. So that hasn’t really changed either.”
“So we’re in agreement, then?”
“Yeah…” Death smiled, just a little. “We did good.”
“Well. We did well. Now why don’t you go check in on Fate? Normally she’d be up and cussing by now, and I’m starting to worry about-” A barrage of profanities exploded out from behind Grimm. “Never mind…”


A note from the author ninja:

Everyone is always clamoring for change. Sometimes, though, although it may be uncommon, the surest sign of success, is that nothing’s changed at all.

Also, I finally managed to get rid of Chaos. I duct taped them to the ceiling.

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