Death and Grimm:

Chapter 66

“Reapers! I said to come to my side! Obey my commands!” Order scowled standing rigidly as he awaited a response that never came. “Rgh… Free will remains a thorn in my side as always… Some day I shall uncover its secrets, mark my words!”
Chaos let out a hearty, mocking laugh. “Good luck with that, Order. Even I’m not sure how I made it. I mean, the only thing that can resist omnipotence is omnipotence…” The grin spread across their mask wilted into a much quieter expression, like they had just recalled something unpleasant. “…and we can’t make things as strong as we are.”
“Hmph. Can’t say I’m disappointed, two of our kind is one too many. And stop it with your confounded names! It was bad enough when you got the humans doing it, don’t you dare try to attach one to me!” The sharp edges of Order’s side of the world pushed closer to Chaos, assembling streets and buildings as it went.
“A bundle of sunshine as usual… Strong too. I mean, seriously. We’re both omnipotent, how can you be… stronger… than…” Chaos stopped dead in their floating tracks, muttering to themself as various candlesticks and carrots scribbled incomprehensible doodles into the air around them. Suddenly, Chaos started to chuckle. “Oh. Oh, wow. I feel really stupid now. I mean, I… Hee. I can’t believe I’ve never thought of this before. It seems so obvious now.”
“Enough with your lies! I am onto your tricks, deceiver! You intend to fool me with false prattling, tricking me into giving you what you desire in exchange for mere fabrications!”
Chaos ignored Order’s skepticism, continuing to mutter to themself. “If I’m right, then humans…” They grinned. “Well, now. This changes everything. New plan, everybody! Hope, Life, Freedom! We’re leaving!”
“You are going nowhere!” Order’s domain suddenly rushed forward, pushing against Chaos’s territory and compressing it down into a protective sphere. Inside the sphere, there was nothing aside from pure swirling chaos and a strange portal. Then, with a “plip” sound, the sphere exploded outward and turned the whole universe back to normal, as if the two deities had never arrived.
Order let out a low growl. “Escaped… and they’ve taken the alchemist with them.” They turned to face Grimm, who was collapsed in a pile on the pavement. “I am disappointed in you. Such defiance could be expected from the others, but you…” Their eyes narrowed. “I will remember this.


(Insert something clever here):

Order’s a real card, ain’t they? I mean, I don’t think they even know how to calm down. Ever. Just, so many exclamation points…

Changing topics: I can’t tell you what exactly it is that I realized this chapter, but I can give you a hint: And colons: Lots of colons: Where they don’t belong:

What was I saying? Oh, right, the hint.

“If the number infinity is infinitely large, than what is infinity divided by ten? Or infinity minus 5?”

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