Death and Grimm:

Chapter 65

Fate steadied herself, gripping tightly to the pavement above her – or was it below her? It was hard to tell, the whole world seemed to have split down the middle. One half comprised of solid colors and geometric shapes, like it was animated on an old computer. The other half, the one she was in, had fallen into total anarchy. Words couldn’t even describe it. It was as if half the laws of physics had become the polite suggestions of physics.
“Reapers! Come to my side!” Order snapped his fingers in a commanding manner. “I require your aid in this battle!”
Grimm started to move in response to the order, but was stopped by Hope in an abnormally friendly manner. “I wouldn’t recommend that, pal.”
“If you’re trying to convert me to your cause, it isn’t working. Move.” Grimm put his scythe up against the Planter’s throat.
“Look, buddy, pal… Grimm.” Hope made a face like he’d just said a dirty word. “I get that you don’t like what we’re trying to do here, but I’m not the type of guy to stand by and watch someone doom themselves, no matter how much I hate their guts.”
Grimm fell silent for a moment. He still didn’t trust Hope, but he could recognize the look of someone who acted on principles over self interest. Even if he didn’t agree with their principles. “Explain.”
“Order… their goals aren’t what you think they are. They’re an enemy to humanity.”
“And Chaos is any better?”
“Not from your perspective, no. I have no idea what you stand for, but I’m pretty sure that Boss stands against all of it. Again I’m not telling you we’re friends, just that it is your enemy.”
A brief moment of silence fell across the battlefield, as Grimm glanced over toward Order, who was making an expectant face. Then, he glanced toward Death, who was signaling for him not to go. “…Fine, but I’m not doing this because I trust you. I’m doing this because I trust Death, and don’t trust Order.”


A note from the author ninja me!

Hope isn’t lying, you know.

I don’t like comparing myself to Order, but we have a lot in common. One of the big ones is that we don’t value human life a whole lot.

In fact, if they had their way… I don’t think sentient life would exist.

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