Death and Grimm:

Chapter 64

Grimm secured his footing, trying his best to remain stable. A difficult task, given that he was currently standing on a floating slab of concrete. As soon as he was reasonably convinced he wasn’t going to plummet to his death, he turned toward Chaos, who seemed to be waiting impatiently for something. More importantly though, they didn’t seem to be paying attention to Grimm, Death, or even Fate. It was the perfect opportunity for an ambush, he just needed to make sure everyone was in a position to take advantage of it.
Grimm scanned the debris currently floating around the area, locating Death and Fate as quickly as he could. As soon as he’d confirmed their locations, he signaled to them to prepare for a joint strike. Fate nodded and prepped a fireball, while Death switched his scythes into shotguns.
For a brief second, there was silence. Then, all hell broke loose. Metaphorically, that is. Death fired as fast as he could, Fate shot a terrifyingly large orb of flame, and Grimm launched a solid three dozen shadow bolts.
None of it was enough though. Chaos didn’t even flinch, staring blankly off into the distance as every last projectile swirled and compressed into a single jelly bean. Then, with a halfhearted flick from Chaos, the jellybean poofed into a burst of confetti. “Gotten it all out of your system?” The Reapers stood in stunned silence. “Good. Now we can talk like civilized people. I mean, not all of us are actually civilized – but we can pretend.”
Chaos stopped. “Oh, I almost forgot. Gotta wake up the sleepyheads.” They snapped their fingers, and the Planter Triplets’ eyes snapped open. The three suddenly flew off in different directions, each gracefully landing on their own slab of concrete.
“Thanks for the assist, Boss.” Hope smirked. “Now… What’s the plan?”
Chaos folded his arms in thought. “Well, I was gonna kill the Reapers with a bunch of exploding parrot/piranha hybrids, buuuuut… Well…” They glanced toward Nicholas and unleashed a mad grin. “I found something more interesting, so we’ll have to save that plan for later.”
“You! Leave my realm!” A younger looking Charon descended slowly into the middle of the anarchic void, stopping three yards in front of Chaos, and one foot above them. “Leave and never return!”
“Oh. Hey, Order.” Chaos waved half heartedly. “I don’t suppose I could convince you to come back later? I’m kind of in the middle of something.”
“DO NOT DARE NAME ME! And why should I strike only when convenient for you? You have never given such courtesy!”
“Yeah… Figured as much.” Chaos sighed. “Well, let’s just go ahead and get this over with then…”


A note from the author ninja: What time is it? Note time!

Now, I know what you all are probably thinking right now: “Aha! Sparing the heroes’ lives for a petty reason, classic villain hubris!

However, those accusations are wildly unfair to me. I mean, if you’ll recall, my sole motivation here is amusing myself. It is literally the only motivation I have left to do anything.

Secondly, Order has a tendency to rage quit our little games. So if I ruin his little plan too badly, he’ll scrap the whole universe. Big crunch, big bang, everything starts over, and then I’ll never know what Nick’s deal is.

Not knowing something like that will bug me for the rest of my life. Which is infinite. I will be bugged for an infinite amount of time.

Plus, I am literally omnipotent. In case y’all forgot. It ain’t exactly hubris to dismiss something that is literally infinitely weaker than you.

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