Death and Grimm:

Chapter 63

Fate panted for breath, propping herself up with her scythe. “Woo… hoo… Losing streak… broken…”
“And with gusto.” Grimm raised an eyebrow. “Not many people can survive being confronted with their perfect weakness, let alone defeat them…” He glanced down toward Freedom’s limp body. “On a different note, that makes three for three.”
“Yep!” Fate grinned. “We kicked their poorly-named little heinies!”
“Yes, yes we did. But that isn’t what I meant.”
Death wandered over to his brother. “Is this because all of them are still breathing?”
“Indeed. If it was just one of them that was still alive, they could be faking defeat. Two or more, and it’s definitely because their times haven’t come yet – because our scythes can’t kill people unless their time has come. They can only knock people like that out, right Death?
Death glared daggers at Grimm. “You’ll never let me live that down, will you.”
“Nope, never.” Grimm paused for a bit, reclaiming a runaway train of thought. “Anyway, the fact that all three of them are destined to still be alive is extremely odd, considering that they’ve made enemies out of the Reaper clan.”
Death frowned. “I notice you didn’t consider the possibility of only one or two of them being a faker.”
“Because I saw you checking for that. Unusually cautious behavior on your part, is something wrong?”
“It’s ‘cause I’m not used to enemies hanging around after I win. I keep feeling like one of them is gonna leap up and attack me…”
“It is a bit unnerving… It also brings up the issue of what to do with the-”
Fate glanced toward the ground, noticing a rapidly growing crack start to appear. “Death! Grimm! Look out!”
Chunks of concrete tore up from the earth, pulling the surrounding pavement into what was essentially a very, very, slow tornado. At its center was a strange white figure, who had the three Planters’ bodies floating off to one side, and a very indignant looking Nicholas Flamel floating off to the other. The figure wore a cloak and mask just like the Planters’, but behind the mask was nothing but two pink lights serving as eyes. In fact, upon further inspection, there didn’t seem to be a person beneath the robe at all, as there were no feet or legs coming out of the bottom. Although black gloves concealed any potential hands the figure could have possessed, the sliver of a gap in between the sleeves and gloves made it clear there were no arms.
The figure seemed largely unhindered by its lack of a flesh and blood body, though. It moved just like there was a living person beneath the uniform, save for the mask, which caught Fate off guard when it started to move just like an actual face as the figure talked. “Lady, gentleman, and Death. It is a pleasure to finally meet you three in person.” They took a gracefully sarcastic bow. “My name is nonexistent, but you can call me Chaos. You’ll have to forgive my sudden appearance, but you caught me very much off guard. In the past, you’ve all been dead by this point. I’m not upset though.” A playful grin spread across Chaos’s mask-face. “After all, the game wouldn’t be much fun without these unpleasant little surprises, would it?”


A note from the author ninja: It’s me again!

Oh good me that green was bright.

Anyway, as I was saying, I’m back again! In glorious technicolor!

Oh, and this time, I made sure to use plenty of duct tape, so that pesky author won’t be getting in our way again!

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