Death and Grimm:

Chapter 62

Freedom smirked, watching as Fate fell back onto the ground. She’d won. Now all that remained was-
The feeling of cold steel pressed up against Freedom’s throat stopped her in her tracks. “Oh. Hello, Grimm. Can’t say I expected you to get here this fast. Or at all, really. How’d you do it?”
Grimm scowled. “I switched opponents with my brother, obviously.”
“Wow. You actually answered, did not expect that from you. Also, I was also unaware that switching opponents was a magical spell that let you win a fight in less than ten seconds.”
“It usually isn’t.” Grimm glanced over toward Fate, who was trying to stand up again. He raised an eyebrow in curiosity, then hesitantly pulled away his scythe and backed out of the way. It seemed he wanted to let Fate finish her own battle, how pointless.
Freedom turned to face Fate, who had finally managed to steady herself. She needed to deal with the Reaper quickly, so she could move on to Grimm. A few ice shards to catch her attention should work, then a strike from the side to knock her off balance, finishing with a heavy blow from above. This time she would make sure her opponent never got up again.
Fate charged, just as Freedom expected. However, rather than the clumsy deflection Freedom had anticipated, Fate used the top of her hammer as a shield. Then as soon as she got into mid range, a burst of flame propelled the Reaper’s hammer downward, vaulting Fate upward and then spinning the hammer back around to smash down on Freedom.
Freedom pushed the blow to the side just as she had done before, but was caught off guard when Fate rotated her hammer, using a second blast of fire to slam the weapon into Freedom’s side, sending the Planter flying.
It took Freedom a moment to regain her senses and her footing as she slowly peeled herself off the concrete. She needed time to come up with a new plan, but Fate wasn’t about to give her that, slamming her hammer down upon Freedom before she could even finish standing up. Without moving the hammer, Fate shifted her weapon back into a scythe, then used another burst of flame to pierce through Freedom’s chest with the blade.
Freedom struggled to stand up with what little energy she had left, but was held firmly in place by the scythe, which had embedded itself into the concrete beneath her.
The light crackling sounds of fire pulled Freedom’s attention away from the blade stuck in her chest, and toward a fireball hurtling toward her face.
Then, blackness.


A note from the author ninja:

Freedom, I think you’re misunderstanding something. Grimm didn’t stop interfering with Fate’s fight out of respect. He did it out of self preservation. Fate has some serious friendly firepower behind that hammer of hers.

Jokes aside, Grimm moved out of the way because of a very simple train of thought. If Fate was still trying to fight even though Grimm stood poised to end the battle, then it was clearly important to her that she won with her own power, a sentiment Grimm could empathize with.

On a different note, I used the word hammer way too much in this chapter. Well, it isn’t really quantity so much as density. Either way, mistakes made, lesson learned, and I’ll be damned if I screw up the same way twice.

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