Death and Grimm:

Chapter 61

Grimm stood in silence for a moment, glancing toward his brother just long enough to make sure they had the same idea, then quickly turning back to face his opponent. He needed to time this perfectly, so as not to give Hope a free hit.
A light spear thrown toward Grimm provided the opportunity he needed, letting him roll out of the way of the strike and toward Life. Death quickly followed suit, bolting past Grimm and toward Hope, tapping one of his scythes against his brother’s as he passed.
Grimm slid to a stop in front of Life. He needed to end this quickly, starting with a low strike to prompt an upward dodge, then redirecting his scythe up to strike Life before he could land. He would ignore his opponents strange movements, instead choosing to trust in his own ability to control the flow of battle. Then, Grimm would use several shadow bolts to prevent Life from hitting the ground, and finish the battle off with a heavy strike from above.
With one fluid motion, Grimm turned his plan into action. It went perfectly, to an almost suspicious degree. It was always unnerving when a powerful enemy was defeated easily.
The sound of clashing weapons drew Grimm’s attention away from his own concerns, and toward Death’s conflict. It was going slowly, but it didn’t seem like there was any chance of his brother losing. Grimm’s help clearly wasn’t needed, at least, not by Death.
Grimm turned toward Fate’s battle, just in time to see her hit the pavement. He took a deep breath and pulled his scythe from the ground, the sharp blue feeling returning to his chest. It seemed he couldn’t afford to rest yet.


A note from the author ninja:

I wouldn’t worry about Fate too much, Grimm. She’s got this under control.

Well, not really, but she’ll figure it out. I mean, she’s got eye glow and a hammer now, what could go wrong?


Oops. I jinxed it. You should definitely get over there. Right now.

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