Death and Grimm:

Chapter 60

Fate carefully circled Freedom, who was standing silently before her. Many would mistake her opponent’s stillness for an inward focus, but fate could see the cold blue glow in Freedom’s eyes follow her movements. It was easy for Fate to tell her opponent was trying to get a bead on her, so she needed to make a move before Freedom could come up with a plan.
Fate gripped the handle of her scythe tightly as it transformed into a hammer with a burst of flame, then charged Freedom, swinging her weapon downward with all of her might. Freedom merely brushed the attack aside with her hammer, shifting it into a naginata before sliding it along the handle of Fate’s weapon and through her torso. Fate tried to recover from the impact, but was immediately knocked back by spikes of ice erupting from the ground. As soon as Fate regained her senses, Freedom sent three shards of ice flying toward her. Fate deflected the projectiles with ease, but quickly discovered that Freedom had only used them as a diversion to get close enough to strike with her blade once more.
The hard concrete pushed against Fate as she slid across the road, finally getting a chance to think. She was in a lot of pain, and wasn’t sure if she could stand up again. She’d only taken a few hits, but she’d taken them hard. Freedom’s movements had been strange. Strange in the sense that they were more like a single movement than several strung together. Like she’d planned out the whole battle before a single move was made. Actually, she probably had. She was like Grimm that way.
Fate struggled to push herself up, but failed, falling back to the ground as her consciousness slipped away from her just a little more. It looked like she couldn’t win this battle, just like the one before it. Maybe she really wasn’t that strong at all, maybe she-
“Fate!” Death’s distressed call rang through Fate’s head, pulling her back to reality. If she didn’t beat Freedom, she might attack Death next! He’d been having enough trouble as it was, there was no way he could take on a second opponent.
Fate clenched her fists and tried to stand up again, a deep red feeling welling up from inside her. She’d been distracted. This wasn’t about whether or not she could win, she had to win. Everything else was irrelevant.
All that she needed to do was beat Freedom.
Fate began to feel her worries fade away.
She needed to beat Freedom.
Fate’s surroundings, unrelated thoughts, and even the reason why she was fighting faded away, leaving only a burning redness and a goal.
Beat Freedom.


A note from the author ninja:

Some of you might have noticed that Fate is pretty observant. However, although this would be a strength for some, it’s a weakness for Fate.

The reason for this is that she doesn’t really control her observant nature. In fact, it might be more accurate to call her distractable, since it can often draw her attention away from what matters.

To put it another way, Fate’s focus isn’t focused. When it comes to attention, she’s a jack of all trades, master of none. However, in the future, when she’s trained to focus her focus, this could work its way back to being an advantage. After all, a natural awareness of one’s environment is key to being a skilled Reaper, when it isn’t getting in the way of achieving eye glow.

On another note, here’s an image for anyone that has no idea what a naginata is:

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