Death and Grimm:

Chapter 5

A time for everything,and everything in it’s place. May the angel of destiny guide you past this impasse. Traverse to the other side of the veil.” Death watched as the portal swirled into place, stepping through once it was finished. “Back too Seattle iss it?” Yup, Charon was still creepy as hell. It was, however, nice to know he was wrong once in a while. Maybe he couldn’t see the future after all.
“No, it’s Reaper Castle.”
Ahh… You’lll pardon my confussion. Youu were suppossed to die today, sso I’m a little offf.
Death froze in place. What? What!? How could he tell? The only person alive other than Grimm who should be able to tell when people will die was his dad. Everyone else was either dead, or long dead. Even then, it sounded like he could see more than that. If Charon could see the entire true future, that would have to make him… Death shook his head, that would just be silly.
The rest of the ride continued in silence, until Death got off at his stop. Unlike the previous time, there was not a portal in front of him, but instead an enormous castle. The castle was dark and imposing, firmly rooted in the stone shore beside the river Styx. Its doors creaked open loudly, revealing a clamoring foyer. A red velvet carpet was laid throughout the room, lamps lit the place to the point were you could see what you were doing clearly, but not so bright the room lost its moody feel. However, although the lighting did not spoil the dark feel of the room, the hundreds of people milling about and chatting did. All of them wore the Reaper clan’s uniform, a dark silken cloak and a skull mask. Although, many seemed to have loosened it up slightly, showing a more relaxed attitude among their fellow clan members.
“Death! Nice to see you again man!” Death turned, seeing a relaxed young man in his mid 20s. He had ash brown hair, soft green eyes, and a slightly awkward smile. The top two buttons on his robe were unbuttoned, his hood was down, and his mask was pushed up to the top of his head.
“Skull! I haven’t seen you since my freshman year in college!”
“It wasn’t that long ago, you’re still only a sophomore after all.”
“Heh. And where’s your diploma gotten you mister graduate?”
Skull smirks and waves his left hand, a plain gold ring on his ring finger. “Married.” Death stands silent for a bit, then smiles.
“In just a year? Who is it? Inside or outside the clan?”
“Actually, I’ve been dating her since I was still in my junior year. And she’s outside the clan, totally normal.”
“Ah. How’d she react when she found out about the Reapers?”
Skull tenses up briefly, then resumes talking, his previous confidence gone. “She… hasn’t yet…”
You haven’t told her yet!? Are you crazy!? You married her, and she doesn’t even know you’re a Reaper!?”
“Well… First I wasn’t sure I could trust her enough to tell her… Then I was waiting for the right moment to soften the blow… And now… Well… it’s… a little late… She still thinks my name is Steve.”
Death could only splutter, he had no idea what to tell Skull. He was angry and sympathetic at the same time. Finally he took a deep breath, and began to think. “Look… This is a little out of my depth… Why don’t you go talk to someone who knows what they’re doing, you can’t be the only one who’s gone through this.”
Skull nodded silently, then walked off. Leaving Death to silently stand there, thinking about things far more complicated than he liked. It may be the hellspawn that killed you in this job, but it was keeping secrets that made you wish they’d hurry it along…


A note from the author ninja:

Here’s Chapter 5! Approximately ten hours late. I have no excuses. I just got wrapped up in writing a buffer chapter in advance, and forgot to post this chapter in advance.

I’ll try my best to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

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