Chapter 79

Andie leapt from rooftop to rooftop, grumbling under her breath as she went. Talking, opening up about their feelings, more talking, opening up about their insecurities, being vulnerable, and even more talking! It was driving her nuts!
Not that Andie was against the occasional heart-to-heart or sappy moment – or thought any of what they were doing was a waste of time, it was just unpleasant for her. She’d always preferred actions to words, and it sucked being the only one in the team that was mentally well adjusted.
Andie skidded to a halt and froze in place. That last thought, though it had come from her mind, was not hers. <What? Am I wrong?> Her own voice echoed in her head, mocking her. It would take more than that to get Andie down, though. She knew her shadow was an unfiltered and distilled version of her negative traits – a caricature that was far worse than she could ever become.
<Oh come on, we’re better than everyone at everything, and you know it.> It didn’t matter what her shadow said, Andie knew talent was meaningless. Hard work and a good attitude would always win in the end. <So, what you’re saying… is that we didn’t just happen to be born skilled and talented, but that we just have a better personality than everyone else? I like it!>
A growl escaped Andie’s lips. She wasn’t going to bother giving this anymore thought, she had people to save.
Unfortunately, this was exactly what her shadow wanted. Running around, playing hero… if her ego couldn’t be safely usurped, she’d simply have to bring it over to her side… And what better way to rub Andie’s utter superiority in her ego’s face than saving the day, over and over again?


A note from the author ninja:

Some people choose to deny their shadow exists. This means that the part of them that fights the shadow (therefore acknowledging the shadow’s existence) is sealed away in the very shadow it fights.

Needless to say, this can lead to… erratic behavior.


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