Chapter 35

“O-kay then… Probably best if we hurry this along.” Markhette popped Conmer’s memory stick into a hidden computer in her desk. “Let’s see… Too much data to give you a precise value on the spot. Give me a second and I’ll work out a minimum for your advance payment.” She tapped the top of her …[continue reading]

Magician's Journey

Chapter 54

Thomas meandered through the frozen forest. Ice and snow glinted in the sunlight around him, casting light while the trees blocked it. There was something beautiful in the contrast. The peaceful shadows pulled all of the fear and doubt from his heart, yet the brightness kept him optimistic. There couldn’t possibly be a better time …[continue reading]


Chapter 34

The woman clicked her phone off, then walked out from behind the counter of her shop. She had long black hair, styled in an elegantly simple manner and held back with a barrette. Her mouth was shaped into a confident smirk, more from habit than any conscious force. For clothes, she wore a traditional rosearn …[continue reading]

Magician's Journey

Chapter 53

Adalric let out a sigh. Children were such a handful, all the way from six years to sixty. Speaking of which, he hadn’t spoken to any of his ill mannered apprentices in a while. After his nikk returned he’d have to give one or two of them a visit. “I’m back.” Meke trudged lazily up …[continue reading]

Magician's Journey

The End of a Journey

The final chapter of Magician’s Journey will be posted in less than eight weeks. After it’s out, I’m planning to go on a hiatus while I prep the next story for release. I think you’ll like the new series, and I hope you find Magician’s Journey’s ending satisfying. That’s all for today, see you next …[continue reading]


Chapter 33

Conmer stepped through the shipyard’s front door into one of the crowded hallways that ran through the entire city, and took a deep breath. The sturdy metal ceiling above him stood as a silent guardian, protecting him from the whims of nature. The void outside was merciless but predictable, which meant that there was no …[continue reading]

Magician's Journey

Chapter 52

Thomas followed Adalric in silence for a little under a minute, trying to pick apart what the old master had said before finally giving up. “ ‘The original master: Nature?’ ‘Don’t learn well from my fellow men and women?’ What do you mean?” “Not much. Just that how compatible a master is with their student …[continue reading]


Chapter 32

Quiet filled the hangar as Treyhan and Conmer stared each other down, lethal smiles painted across their faces. As cliche as it was, it truly felt like time had frozen – thawing back into its normal flow only after Treyhan broke the silence. “I understand the location of my informant is… less than ideal, but …[continue reading]

Magician's Journey

Chapter 51

Thomas took a few deep breaths, waiting for his mind to calm and the hackles along Pallo’s back to lower. Now that he could think straight, it was time to get a grip on his situation. He was surrounded by snow and frost, but above him was clearly a summer sky. A frozen plain in …[continue reading]

Author's Journal

A Bouncing Sock PSA

Okay, so lately I’ve noticed a lot of people on the internet (and possibly people in other non-internet related places that would require me leaving my house to observe) talking about “introverts.” I use air quotes here, because I get the feeling that these people can’t tell the difference between being introverted and having social …[continue reading]