Chapter 71

“Well.” Finnegan stretched his old and weary muscles, then leaned back to try and relax a little. “I certainly hope that’s what I meant, because I think we’ve got enough problems on our plate without an interstellar war.”“Heh.” Andie’s grin settled down into a smile. She still felt a little betrayed, but was starting to …[continue reading]


Chapter 70

Andie paced impatiently in her room. It had been half an hour since breakfast, and even longer since Grandpa Finn casually dropped his bombshell. For every second of that wait, questions had been bubbling throughout Andie’s mind – without a single answer.“Hey, Sprout! Sorry I took so long, Connor was…” Finnegan burst into the room, …[continue reading]


Chapter 69

“…Oh, yeah. I just remembered.” Kay took a deep breath, letting a rare anxious look cross her face. “Me and Tul have been… talking, and we agreed that I need to be more open about how I feel. So… I just wanted to say thanks.” She folded her arms defensively. “You and Lenita have been …[continue reading]


Chapter 68

Finnegan paced back and forth, slowly stirring the pancake batter with his finger to check the consistency, then giving it a quick taste. “Let’s see… add some more butter, mix some cinnamon with sugar and nutmeg… and then if I mix it with a little… Oh! I should use that swirling technique, give it a …[continue reading]


Chapter 67

Finnegan strolled into the kitchen. A concerned look rested quietly on his face, but did nothing to contain his positive aura. “What seems to be the problem?”Tully briefly glanced toward Finnegan before turning his attention back to his son, who was sitting on the floor and sobbing with a bowl of pancake batter cradled in …[continue reading]


Chapter 66

“Huh. Well, that’s a welcome surprise.” Finnegan walked over to Andie and ruffled her hair, brightly colored acrylic-paint thought doodles of Andie and her siblings popping out of his head – each one smiling. “Anyway, glad you like it.”“Connor!” Tully’s voice rang out from the kitchen, interrupting Finnegan. “Do you still want to help me …[continue reading]


Chapter 65

Andie slowly pried herself awake, then rolled out of her bed. Her left arm was numb, tingly, and sluggish. It seemed determined to stay that way, too, and refused to return to normal no matter how much she stretched or massaged it. This was probably a side effect of her dreamwalker form losing its left …[continue reading]


Chapter 64

Dyllan stared in silence at the photograph for a while – a good two minutes passing before he snapped out of his trance and turned the page. The third page of his father’s sketchbook contained the first actual sketch. It was a monstrous thing, spread out across two pages and drawn with charcoal and pencil. …[continue reading]


Chapter 63

Dyllan waited silently until he heard his mother’s footsteps leave the room. Then, slowly, cautiously, he got out of bed. He glanced toward his closet as he stood up, briefly considering getting dressed before opening the sketchbook on his bedside table.Curiosity got the better of him. The first page was a letter. It read: “Dyllan, …[continue reading]


Chapter 62

Dyllan woke up in his bed, his covers wrapped around him like a fuzzy forcefield – keeping out all the anxieties and confusion that filled the world. For a short while he seriously considered pulling the covers tighter and hiding in his bed for the rest of the day. Or maybe the rest of the …[continue reading]