Chapter 89

“Well, Conmer. Now that the pleasantries are out of the way, we can get down to -” Meadow’s pixel eyes changed to exclamation points, then switched back to eyes and narrowed with wariness. “Aqua, Rouge has just reported that they found Sunshine downed in corridor three.”The deep blue pixel eyes on Aqua’s goggles turned to …[continue reading]


Chapter 50

Andie watched her dad wander into the kitchen and resume cooking pancakes, finishing up the last few bites of her breakfast as she did so. “Thanks for the food, Dad! Gotta go!”“What? But the bus won’t be here for another twenty minutes?” Tully turned to look at his oldest daughter, making sure to keep the …[continue reading]


Chapter 88

“I see. Just one question – ” Conmer tried his best not to do anything that would raise the ninja’s low opinion of his intelligence. After all, it rarely hurt to have an enemy underestimate you. “You say Tenra tried to kill you, but was this before or after you invaded my ship and attacked …[continue reading]


Chapter 49

“Wait, you’re not leaving without eating breakfast, are you honey?” A dissatisfied frown crossed Tully’s face. “It’s the most important meal of the day!”“What are you talking about?” Kayleigh held up her box of Pop-Tarts. “See, I’ve got breakfast right here.”“That’s… that’s not…” Tully sighed. “You can’t just eat a box of cheap pastries and …[continue reading]


Chapter 87

“Of course, my apologies.” Conmer looked the probably-ninjas up and down once again, trying to get a read on them. So far, he had learned three things: they were polite, choosing to calmly remind Conmer of their presence rather than resort to threats of violence – so regardless of whether they were tyar’sole or not, …[continue reading]


Chapter 48

“Pancakes!!!” Chloe and Conner raced into the kitchen with the speed of cheetahs, and the grace of newborn foals. Chloe immediately sat down, but Connor stopped to stare in horror at the half finished pancakes on Andie’s plate. “What?” Andie returned Connor’s stare with a confused look, one which transitioned to a smirk as she …[continue reading]


Chapter 86

The door to the cabin Conmer and Genrou were trapped in slid open, revealing nothing but an empty corridor behind it. No, not empty. There was a distortion to the light behind the door – and it was moving. Conmer focused his attention on the distortion, watching carefully as it entered the room. It took …[continue reading]


Chapter 47

Andie tossed her covers aside, then rolled out of bed. For a short while she laid on the ground, finally managing to pull herself upright when the smell of breakfast lured her into the kitchen.“Still wearing your superhero pajamas, I see.” Andie’s mom, Kayleigh, strolled into the kitchen. She was wearing her good suit today …[continue reading]


Chapter 85

Conmer slowly but steadily began to fade back into consciousness. At first, reality was just a blur of fuzzy emotions and sensations. His hands and feet were tied. He still had all his hidden weapons, but he was bound in such a way that he couldn’t use any of them. The lights above him were …[continue reading]


Chapter 46

“Okay, so… you think I’m the excitable girl’s grandpa, just because we have the same first name, look a little alike, and I didn’t give you my last name? Do I look old enough to be someone’s grandfather?” A slight twitch hit the corner of Finnegan’s smile. “Actually, on second thought – don’t answer that …[continue reading]