Another Damnable Hiatus

So, I’m going to need to take a break from updating the site for a while for mental health reasons. When I return, I’m likely going to post a few short-stories/one-offs before I get back to writing Dreamwalkers. Those of you who have been around for a while might be worried about this turning into …[continue reading]


Chapter 100

“…you don’t understand…” Cedric took a deep breath and debated just letting Dyllan continue with his misunderstanding. He knew it wouldn’t work for long, but it would be nice while it lasted. “…I don’t just know things I’m supposed to know, like science and math. I know things like how someone walks when they’ve had …[continue reading]


Chapter 99

For a tense few seconds, the school halls drowned in silence. It was Aspen that broke it. “Fine. Fine! I’ll leave him alone!” Slowly and cautiously, the new kid began to get off of Aspen and stand up.As soon as the bully had enough room to move, he shoved the new kid off him and …[continue reading]


Chapter 98

Cedric took a moment to try and place the voice he’d just heard. He’d never forgotten or misplaced a face or voice, and it was unlikely he’d just never noticed this boy. Not with his creepy habit of constantly monitoring everyone.“Shut up!” Aspen’s snarling voice snapped Cedric’s attention back to the issue at hand. “If …[continue reading]


Chapter 97

Cedric gazed listlessly at the front door to Lakedry Middle School. He was only a few weeks into fifth grade, but he’d been an outcast for almost two years now… and Aspen had been beating him up once a week for most of it.A nearby forest caught Cedric’s attention. He couldn’t help but wonder what …[continue reading]


Chapter 96

“…do you have a better idea?” Andie shot Cedric a disappointed look. She was starting to wonder if Cedric was here to help, or just to complain. “Or have you taken it upon yourself to speak for Pessimists Incorporated instead of do anything constructive?”“…fine.” A defeated sigh slipped out from Cedric’s lips. “I guess trying …[continue reading]


Chapter 95

“Sorry.” Cedric spoke to Andie, but his eyes were warily scanning his surroundings. “I couldn’t figure out a way to warn you about the drone without drawing the Nightmare’s attention.”“Fair enough.” Andie waved her hands in front of Cedric’s face trying to draw more than just half of his attention. “But what if I’d fallen?”“I …[continue reading]


Chapter 94

Andie darted between bunker walls and piles of rubble, making her way through the shadowed and hidden areas Cedric favored when exploring new mindscapes. She briefly considered a more aggressive approach, taking advantage of how much smaller than the Nightmare she was to bob and weave her way into melee range… but any bullets that …[continue reading]


Chapter 93

Andie took a deep breath. Adrenaline coursed through her, washing away everything but a cold calm and leaving her senses clear. It was a feeling unique to humanity, the feeling of prey readying itself to hunt its own predator. There was a certain thrill in that moment when the power dynamic changed, when a beast …[continue reading]


Chapter 92

Andie hit one of the many platforms in Dyllan’s mindscape with a thud. With a predatory gaze, her eyes scanned her surroundings for threats – anything that might be keeping her from Dyllan.No obvious enemies presented themselves, but clear signs that something was wrong were everywhere. Almost every building was in ruin. Not that it …[continue reading]