Intermission 1-2: Loscia Awakens

Loscia’s eyes slowly drifted open. She was in a homgen hospital. Her room was air conditioned, leaving it cold and still like the night. It made her uneasy to lie down in a place like this. Still air ought to be warm, punctuated by a cooling breeze. Sure, the night was cold and still – …[continue reading]


Chapter 55

Andie blocked one blow from Maddie’s hammer, then dodged backward out of the way of another one. The fight had gotten to its peak before she’d even realized it, and it was going much worse than she’d hoped. Maddie was every bit as persistent as a shadow, showing no signs of tiring as the battle …[continue reading]


Intermission 1-1: Loscia’s Origin

Loscia sat restlessly in her chair, rocking excitedly from side to side as she waited for her father to get home for her twelfth birthday. Even though being the town sheriff kept him busy, he’d promised to always be home for important days like this – and he hadn’t broken a promise since he was …[continue reading]


Chapter 54

Andie hit the pavement with a gentle “paff.” She had no physical mass in dreamwalker form, and the ground had no emotional mass, so collision was minimal – allowing for her to take off running as soon as she touched down. “Come forth, my Courage!” She swung her Courage downward, cutting the nightwalker down the …[continue reading]


Chapter 92

“…So aggressive. So impatient.” Contre strolled cheerfully over to Conmer, her childish grin gaining a menacing air for a few brief seconds. “I didn’t teach you to act like this, it isn’t proper for a Rosearn.”“No, it’s not proper for a Rosearn – but yes, you did teach me to act like this.” Conmer noticed …[continue reading]


Chapter 53

Cedric leaned over the railing at the edge of the building, checking out what Dyllan and Andie had been peering at. Down below, on the opposite side of the road from the bus stop, was a girl. She seemed to be in her mid teens, but it was hard to be sure from twelve stories …[continue reading]


Chapter 91

“…Hey, you. The blue one. Aqua, I think you’re called. I don’t know if you’re hoping I haven’t noticed you, or you’re trying to bait me, but it won’t work.” Contre turned around to face the invisible ninja behind her, her eyes lagging behind to watch Meadow for just a little longer – to make …[continue reading]


Chapter 52

It had been one stressful day at school for Andie, but it was over now. The sun was down, her friends were with her, and she was in dreamwalker form. She was in her element and ready for anything.“So this is where you saw the… the thing?” Dyllan glanced over the edge of the skyscraper …[continue reading]


Chapter 90

“<…You’re the one who taught me to finish business before attending to pleasure, but whatever…>” Conmer turned towards Genrou. “Genrou, this is Fen’rosa Contre, founder of the Jiras-enza style of conversation – and my mother. If our given names sound similar, it’s because Conmer is the masculine form of Contre. I was named after her.”“<Sorry, …[continue reading]


Chapter 51

“…what the…” The words slipped weightlessly and quietly from Andie’s mouth as she staggered backward. Emotions and ideas swirled throughout her head, desperate for a solution to the mess of a problem before her. “What the fuck.”Twin forces pulled on Andie, one screaming for her to run as far away as she could, the other …[continue reading]