Author's Journal

The Return of the Hiatus

Dreamwalkers is reaching what is subjectively both the best part of the story, and the hardest to write: The climax. Or, if you’re feeling pretentious, the denouement. (Day-new-mont. Yes, I know it’s not spelt anything like it’s pronounced… but that’s French for you.) Unfortunately, this means chapters are starting to take more time and effort …[continue reading]


Chapter 114

Andie charged toward Dyllan’s idiot Nightmare. She didn’t need to look to know the lunkhead’s arms had already started to regenerate, and she didn’t need to waste a fraction of a second worrying to realize that its regeneration changed nothing. No matter how many times the bestial moron restored its limbs, Andie could always just …[continue reading]


Chapter 113

Andie reached out and grabbed hold of her weapon, then yanked it away from the shadows that held it – leaving them to melt away and return to the cracks of the mindscape. The cracks where they had lived since Andie first walked free of her ego. The cracks where they stealthily trailed her, awaiting …[continue reading]


Chapter 112

Andie took a deep breath and stretched out her arms. Not to calm her nerves or steel her will, just to relax after having her ego’s ridiculous anxieties drilled into her.Once she’d settled back into being her normal, confident self, Andie began to scan her surroundings for her ego’s Courage – spotting it laying on …[continue reading]


Chapter 111

Andie hesitated. Her ego would be safe as long as she protected it… but was that really what she wanted to do? Andie stood up and began to slowly move her hand to cover the light in her chest. Evidence suggested that she would suffer if her ego died – but she was Andie. She …[continue reading]


Chapter 110

Andie snapped awake. She felt cool and calm – calmer than she’d felt all day. She sat upright and checked on her injuries. She was badly hurt, but she felt no pain.More importantly, Andie was completely monochrome, just like she used to be. Something must have happened to her ego. Was the bothersome clump of …[continue reading]


Chapter 109

Andie charged at the chain of ragged obsidian spikes tearing toward her. Its edges were far from clean, covered in craggy skewers that branched off it – most set at just a slightly different angle from the main spear-like point of the pillars. She grabbed the first spike to jut out within arms reach and …[continue reading]


Chapter 108

Andie’s heart pounded in her chest, and her hands involuntarily tightened their grip on her sword. Adrenaline blurred the line between fear and determination as she watched Dyllan’s Nightmare pull a long, cleaver-like, rusty, blood stained, sword out of its mouth.It could use Dyllan’s Vice. Shit. Fuck! This was bad. If it had the power …[continue reading]


Chapter 107

Andie pushed herself off the ground with a pained grunt – forcing herself upright even though she was leaking Will to Live all over the place. Sneakily, she made her way over to the hole she’d left in the fifth and final wall she’d been knocked through.…was it weird that she’d kept count?Never mind, that …[continue reading]


Chapter 106

Andie hit the ground, tucked and rolled, and bolted away from the Nightmare. She’d known her opponent would likely regenerate like her shadow, but until now it hadn’t really sunk in how fearsome a regenerating Nightmare could be.Not that it mattered now. She didn’t have time for second thoughts on the battlefield, and Andie was …[continue reading]