December Hiatus

Things have been… rough on my end of things. For a mixture of personal reasons and ensuring good writing quality reasons, I’m going to need to take a short hiatus. I’m uncertain exactly how long this hiatus will be, but it should be around two months.


Chapter 80

Andie landed with a “paff” sound right behind the weary businessman. This was the fourth time he’d come to this rooftop with the intention of taking the fast way down, and his visits were growing more frequent. He was standing on the railing, and breathing slowly as he stared emptily down at the ground below …[continue reading]


Chapter 79

Andie leapt from rooftop to rooftop, grumbling under her breath as she went. Talking, opening up about their feelings, more talking, opening up about their insecurities, being vulnerable, and even more talking! It was driving her nuts!Not that Andie was against the occasional heart-to-heart or sappy moment – or thought any of what they were …[continue reading]


Chapter 78

A moment of uncomfortable silence smothered the rooftop, broken when Dyllan finally spoke. “…are we really sure this was a good idea?” He paused. “This whole, combining with our shadows thing…”Andie nervously fiddled with her fingers for a bit, then sharply exhaled and snapped halfway back to her usual self. “Yes.” She stood up. “Why …[continue reading]


Chapter 77

“I swear, he was right here… Well, anyway…” Dyllan glanced toward the very pissed off Andie, trying his best to politely pretend he hadn’t noticed her sword behind her back. “You seem… upset.”“Oh. Just a little.” The friendly smile on Andie’s face remained totally unwavering as her eyes scanned the surroundings with a predatory glare. …[continue reading]


Chapter 76

Dyllan made his way slowly up the fire escape ladder to the meeting spot he, Andie, and Cedric had agreed upon. He was already starting to regret his decision to let his shadow in. The flickering black ears and tail left a buzzing, static-y sensation where they connected to him, there was a rigid twitch …[continue reading]


Chapter 75

Silence blanketed Dyllan’s room like fog, the low growling of Dyllan’s shadow flowing underneath it. The seconds were passing with the weight of hours. He wasn’t exactly proud of it, but Dyllan knew he wasn’t a patient person – it was only a matter of time until his shadow cracked.“Alright! Jeez, fine!” Shadow Dyllan clicked …[continue reading]


Chapter 74

“…When did I ever say I was going to merge with you? I don’t even want to be near you!” Dyllan put himself in a more battle-ready stance, and warily looked his shadow up and down. “Hell, I’m still not sure this isn’t just a big play to get me to let my guard down. …[continue reading]


Chapter 73

“Don’t bother pulling out your shield.” Dyllan’s shadow took a few steps back then sat down on the floor. “For once, I’m not looking for a fight – and you know full well how it will end if you start one.”“…Okay…” Dyllan slowly pushed himself upright, careful to keep his shield at the ready and …[continue reading]


Chapter 72

“Hey. Hey. Hey!” An impatient voice echoed through Dyllan’s room, its sound familiar yet alien. “Wake the hell up!”Hesitantly, Dyllan peeked out from under his covers and glanced around his room. Nobody was there.“HEY! I know you can hear me!” The voice again, though it still had no discernible source. “Dammit, you ignore me enough …[continue reading]