A Sneak Peek

We are now one week into the hiatus.

I figure it’s about time to give you guys a little information about the new series. No plot details yet, but I have some character profiles! So here’s some info on the three heroes that will be dealing with all the [redacted] and saving [redacted] from the [redacted]!


Andrea (but her friends call her Andie) D. McClyde:

Andie is a genius, plain and simple. She was lucky enough to be born with a physical gift, a fierce intellect, and a need to constantly push her limits. Thanks to this and her natural charisma, she usually winds up becoming the leader of any group she joins.

If only she weren’t so impulsive, she might be able to put this power to good use. As it stands, she acts before she thinks, and commits acts of great stupid on a regular basis. Her physical talents sometimes help her pull through successfully, but more often than not, they just widen the scale and magnitude of her mistakes by giving her altogether too much freedom.

However, thanks to a mixture of innate talent, good friends, and an amount of luck that can only be attributed to divine intervention, Andie somehow manages to always make things right in the end.


Cedric L. Galilei:

Cedric is blunt. He’s blunt when he’s being nice, he’s blunt when he’s being rude, and he’s blunt when he’s giving advice. He cuts straight to the point and never “implies” anything. He says what he thinks, he says it clearly, and he says it with a lot of words. Big words, strung together with elegance – and the occasional dose of sass.


Dyllan T. Hofmann:

If you were to ask someone what kind of person Dyllan is, they’d surely just shrug and call him a “good guy.” Raise your eyebrow at such a vague answer, and they’ll say it again. Dyllan really just is a “good guy.” To an almost sickening degree. He has his life together, he’s physically fit, he’s always willing to lend a hand, and he even knows martial arts. Unfortunately, no matter how infuriatingly dismissive of his own talents he gets, nobody can really bring themselves to hate Dyllan. Though some haven’t given up trying.


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