Andie sat on the ledge of a disorderly skyscraper. Its components were sleek and professional, but arranged in an inconsistent and unstable pattern. Taken as a whole, the structure felt as though it had grown tired of holding itself up, of maintaining the delicate balance between its four asymmetrical sides. It wanted to fall and …[continue reading]


A Sneak Peek

We are now one week into the hiatus. I figure it’s about time to give you guys a little information about the new series. No plot details yet, but I have some character profiles! So here’s some info on the three heroes that will be dealing with all the [redacted] and saving [redacted] from the …[continue reading]

Author's Journal

The Hated Hiatus

Welp. It’s done. Magician’s journey has ended. As was foretold, I am now going on hiatus while I schedule the next series. I can’t say much, but I think you guys are gonna like this one! …Okay, that’s a lie. I can tell you a lot about this one. I just don’t wanna. (I really …[continue reading]

Magician's Journey


“I don’t get it.” Lupe scowled, though her eyes remained focused on her master’s work. “Why would you make medicine for him.” Old Man Thomas smiled gently. “I’ve told you before, magicians are healers, not harmers.” “Still, it makes me sick.” Lupe handed her master a jar of nettles, placing them in his outstretched hand. …[continue reading]


Chapter 38

“If I recall correctly…” Markhette strolled cheerfully over toward one of the more prominent weapon displays. “…you said you prefer the Tyur’len line. So the Fugon Tris would probably be a good choice.” She grabbed one of the many firearms off the shelf. The design was exceedingly bare bones; it was basically just the minimal …[continue reading]

Magician's Journey

Chapter 57

Thomas sighed as he watched his past self wander off into the trees with a dazed look on his face. Time travel was confusing, it was confusing and he hated it. “I wonder if I made the right call here…” He could still remember the chaos that swirled in his head two hundred or so …[continue reading]


Chapter 37

Kr’kre fiddled around with her new weapon. It had been simple enough to attach, and it was obvious where to put her venom, but she couldn’t for the life of her figure out how to make it do… whatever it was it did. It was probably some kind of hidden knife, since there was no …[continue reading]

Magician's Journey

Chapter 56

Future Thomas glared at his past self. “…Look, kid. I’m not going to beat around the bush here, because the tendency to waste time fluffing up ugly truths with pretty words is one of the reasons we don’t like humans. We do not belong anywhere near inherently sapient species. Aside from Erline, none of them …[continue reading]


Chapter 36

Markhette wandered through her shop, striding past the various displays. “Now that we’re done with the jokes, I have to ask: Is there any particular kind of hidden weapon you’re looking for, or would you rather browse?” “What in humanity’s name gave you the idea I was done with the jokes?” Conmer strolled over to …[continue reading]

Magician's Journey

Chapter 55

Thomas gently rubbed Pallo behind the ears, watching with satisfaction as her tail fluttered about contentedly. The familiar fluffiness of wolf fur did little to improve his mood, but he wasn’t panicking anymore. As long as he kept close to Pallo, he could continue thinking clearly enough to sort through his feelings. So far, he’d …[continue reading]