Chapter 32

Quiet filled the hangar as Treyhan and Conmer stared each other down, lethal smiles painted across their faces. As cliche as it was, it truly felt like time had frozen – thawing back into its normal flow only after Treyhan broke the silence. “I understand the location of my informant is… less than ideal, but …[continue reading]

Magician's Journey

Chapter 51

Thomas took a few deep breaths, waiting for his mind to calm and the hackles along Pallo’s back to lower. Now that he could think straight, it was time to get a grip on his situation. He was surrounded by snow and frost, but above him was clearly a summer sky. A frozen plain in …[continue reading]

Author's Journal

A Bouncing Sock PSA

Okay, so lately I’ve noticed a lot of people on the internet (and possibly people in other non-internet related places that would require me leaving my house to observe) talking about “introverts.” I use air quotes here, because I get the feeling that these people can’t tell the difference between being introverted and having social …[continue reading]


Chapter 31

“…Right, now that the distractions are out of the way…” Conmer put on his warmest smile, and reached into one of his many hidden coat pockets. “…we can begin negotiating. I already know this place follows the Code of Convenience, so I hope you don’t mind if I cut straight to the wager.” He handed …[continue reading]

Magician's Journey

Chapter 50

Thomas stared in awe, watching as the very fabric of reality blew away in the wind like dust off a carpet – revealing the true pattern underneath. Within seconds, he, Pallo, and Meke were surrounded by nothing but stone. Stone ground, stone mountains, stone melted into pools of magma, and boulders raining down from the …[continue reading]


Chapter 30

Conmer straightened his tie, then loosened it up a bit. It was always hard to hit that sweet spot where he looked amazing, but still gave off that “I’m not even trying” vibe. He took a deep breath. No more stalling, if he didn’t walk out the door in exactly three seconds it would become …[continue reading]

Magician's Journey

Chapter 49

Pallo felt a shiver running back from her nose to her tail – the air was getting colder. She didn’t like it. It was late summer, her winter coat hadn’t even started to grow back. It didn’t help that she was heading toward something magical, either. A sudden, negative change and a supernatural force that …[continue reading]


Chapter 29

“Conmer.” Genrou knocked harshly on the door of Conmer’s cabin. “Conmer.” A robotic voice chimed, coming off as mildly irritated despite it’s chipper tone. “The inhabitant of this cabin is aware of your presence and will be out shortly. You may now stop knocking.” Genrou ignored the voice and continued to knock. “This cabin is …[continue reading]

Magician's Journey

Chapter 48

Thomas hummed quietly to himself, layering his own melody over the rhythm of Pallo’s stride. It had been quite some time since they’d last ridden together like this, so Thomas appreciated the chance to spend quality time with his familiar. <Thomas. I smell something ahead of us.> A quiet growl leaked out from under Pallo’s …[continue reading]


Chapter 28

Conmer took a deep breath, letting the scent of the electronic paper seep into his soul. It smelled of secrets. Of conspiracy, betrayal, and cooperation. Of stories – the sort that other species only saw in movies and books. It was an ancient technology, made to hide the most dangerous of words. The pixels woven …[continue reading]